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17 thanksgiving bible verses

Top 17 Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Kids

Learn these 17 Bible memory verses about Thanksgiving with your children! How do we raise grateful kids in an entitled world? Most parents want to have grateful kids. And there are a lot of ways that we can try to help our kids be transformed from feeling entitled to having a thankful heart.  One of […] Read more…

How to Talk to Your Kids about Good Friday

Help your kids understand what happened on Good Friday according to the Bible and how this event changed the course of history!  Yes, Resurrection Sunday is coming! But it’s still essential to talk to our kids about how the resurrection was made possible: by the power of God through Jesus’ death on the cross for […] Read more…

nativity image - credit to gareth harper unsplash

Teach the Christmas Story with a Nativity Bible Verse Activity

Here’s an easy way to teach your toddlers and preschoolers the Christmas story! Sometimes we need to mix things up when sharing the story of Jesus’ birth with our kids! So I created this fun printable activity to help you share the Christmas story with your children using the characters of the Nativity! Find the printable with […] Read more…

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