I have a fun and easy Thanksgiving activity to do with your kids that will help everyone remember God’s faithfulness during the Thanksgiving season!

Reminding our kids of what God’s Word says and what He has done for us doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. 

Even when you’re busy, you can do this simple Bible-based Thanksgiving activity to remind your kids of thankfulness.

This thankfulness jar also teaches our children to pray for others.

Thankfulness Jar Activity

thankfulness jar for kids thanksgiving

Here are the instructions (again, this is super simple!) :)


Mason Jar


Thankfulness cards (download the printable here

Once a day or in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, simply write down things you are thankful for on the cards and put them in the jar. Then on Thanksgiving, pull them out and read them out loud.

To prompt your kids to write, you could have daily topics like this:

  1. Specific family members
  2. Specific friends
  3. Parts of creation
  4. Physical blessings (food, home, etc)
  5. Spiritual blessings

Try to encourage your kids to think in specifics. Then take some time to pray for the people or give thanks for the things you’ve written on the cards! 

I hope you enjoy this Thankfulness Jar activity with your family!

I’m excited to share our brand new family Bible study with you that will help you teach your kids about thankfulness!

God Makes Me Grateful: Lessons on Thanksgiving for Families was written with the goal of helping you talk with your kids about what God’s Word teaches us about gratefulness so they can connect the Bible to their everyday lives!

So many times we can try to command thankfulness–but what really works is the Holy Spirit’s work in our kids hearts, through the Word of God, to give them an attitude of gratefulness.

With that in mind, I wrote this Bible study for your family and mine!

Thanksgiving Bible study for families

God Makes Me Grateful includes:

  • Seven Bible lessons on thankfulness
  • Scripture memory verse for each day with activities for memorization
  • Application of the lesson to life
  • Daily discussion questions to get your family’s minds and hearts engaged in God’s Word
  • Activity suggestion
  • November Scripture Reading and Writing Plan
  • Extra printables to supplement the study (Scripture cards, Scripture coloring pages, and more)

**This study is the most useful for families with kids in the age range of 3-14, but you can definitely have your really little ones sit with you and they’ll probably enjoy the suggested songs and videos! :)

God Makes Me Grateful is available now!

Will you join me in intentionally teaching God’s Word to your kids this Thanksgiving season in a simple and effective way?

My goal is to help you in your pursuit of creating a strong and faithful family by studying God’s Word together!

Get Your Copy of God Makes Me Grateful!

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