Help your kids understand what happened on Good Friday according to the Bible and how this event changed the course of history! 

Yes, Resurrection Sunday is coming! But it’s still essential to talk to our kids about how the resurrection was made possible: by the power of God through Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins.

Over in my monthly post on the JellyTelly blog, I share five helpful talking points for sharing the Biblical account of the crucifixion with your kids (what the Christian church historically calls “Good Friday”) and what it means for us as Christians. 

You as Christian parents can be equipped with these Good Friday facts that you can share with your kids!

I’ve written simple and sensitive conversation starters that will help them understand important truths about what it was really like for Jesus to die on the cross (in an age-appropriate way).

Your kids will also be able to make a personal connection to Jesus so they can understand more about salvation! 

—> Read the post: 5 Ways to Talk to Your Kids about Good Friday.

How to talk to your kids about Good Friday in an age-appropriate way! Help them understand Jesus' death on the cross as commemorated by the Christian church and what it means for us!

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