Is the thought of your children starting a new school year making you nervous?

Some moms might say they are relieved for their kids to go back to school but for me, although I am excited for my kids to have fun and learn, I also get a little worried thinking about some of the unknowns they might face.

My first-grader doesn’t know a lot of kids in his class–will my shy child make friends? 

There are some challenging girls in my daughter’s classroom, is she going to be able to navigate uncomfortable situations well?

Will my 7th grader be able to find his locker in the new middle school (that can seriously be a prayer request–ha!) But more importantly, will he be able to stand up to peer pressure and be strong in his faith?

How wonderful would it feel to have confidence and peace about the school year ahead?

Bible verse mug and bible

Your child is safe in God’s hands, and although it isn’t always easy to “let go and let God”, we can know for certain that His Word says it is true!

He tells us that he’ll never leave or forsake your child (Hebrews 13:5) and that His right hand will guide their going out and coming in (Psalm 121:8).

Even in difficult situations where our children feel left out, struggle with temptation, or have a hard time academically, God will guide and protect them.

You as a parent play an important part in the success of their school year as well! We can encourage, help and cheer them on. More importantly, though, we can use Scripture to PRAY over our children so they can experience the power of God in their lives.

The amazing thing is, when I’ve been consistent in praying over my children, I’ve found that I have more trust and rest in God’s care, and less nervousness or fear.

And prayer is powerful, especially when using God’s Word to guide us. His word is living and active!

But what if, even though we know that prayer is good, we get easily distracted? There are so many things going on at once in our lives, and many directions in which we can be pulled.

Sometimes what we don’t need is complicated methods or programs. Simple can be effective, too!

Join me in the Back to School Prayer Challenge!

That’s why I created a 10 Day Back to School Prayer Challenge for moms.

10 day back to school prayer challenge for kids

I’ll email you a Scripture each day for 10 days, plus a prayer already written out, so you can pray intentionally over your children, even if these first few mornings back at school are crazy busy!

Plus, I’ll send you a printable 31 Day Back to School Prayer Calendar to go along with the challenge and help you carry it through longer than the 10 days!

Believe me, I’ll be using it too :) Although developing a habit of prayer is something that I struggle with on and off, I know what the results are when I am purposeful in praying for my kids.

I want you to experience that same peace and confidence that comes from seeing God work and being reminded of His presence in your child’s heart and life through Scriptural prayer!

10 Day Back to School Prayer Challenge Details

How it works:

  1. Subscribe in the box at the end of this post to get our FREE printable 31 Days of Back to School Prayer Calendar (I explain that in detail HERE if you want more specifics).
  2. Each day for 10 days, you’ll receive an email with a Scripture and prayer for your kids (using the first 10 days from the calendar)
  3. Optional: Go even deeper by Purchasing a copy of my 31 Days of School Year Prayers for Your Children devotional, which will be digitally sent to you. It is a printable product that you can print and place in a folder (not a physical book) that will include the prayer calendar plus:
    • Daily Devotion with a Bible verse (that matches the daily verses on the calendar)
    • Space to write or journal the verse in your favorite translation
    • A thought-provoking question related to the verse
    • Space to write a prayer for your child/children
    • Bible verse print to display in your home
    • PNG image of the calendar so you can save it to your photos on your phone for quick reference

Get access to the free prayer calendar and the challenge when you subscribe via email! Just enter your email address in the box below.

The challenge begins with Day 1 on the calendar. But you can start praying over your children anytime!

Will you join me in intentionally praying over our children’s school year for 10 days?

Once you subscribe below and confirm your email, you’ll receive your calendar straight to your inbox and then the challenge emails will begin.

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