Decluttering my Kids’ Toys–Yikes! – Project Simply Week 1

This year, I’m linking up with Simple Mom’s Project Simplify and also the Spring Cleaning Challenge over at The Untrained Housewife (I write there too!). For Week 1, we were challenged to declutter kids’ stuff. Since we’ve all been sick for the past two weeks, I just went through the kids’ toys and am leaving their clothes […] Read more…

How to grocery shop with kids and not go crazy!

How to Grocery Shop with Kids (and Not Go Crazy)

We’ve all seen it: the exasperated mother in the checkout line with a shopping cart piled to the brim, trying to calm her crying baby (who’s teething) and hungry preschooler (who’s reaching for candy) while attempting to keep her cool all at the same time. Maybe if you’re like me you’ve been in this situation […] Read more…

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