Last week, I decluttered the kids’ toys. This week I moved on to the pantry. I have to admit, it wasn’t too difficult of a job. I don’t have a ton of food in my pantry right now, so it was mostly just a matter of shifting things around to their proper places and wiping out the shelves. I also have a cupboard in the basement where I keep my home-canned applesauce and peaches.

Leah showing off our unorganized pantry:

See the yellow and orange Tupperware peeking out of the crock-pot? Those are broken and need to be taken somewhere to have their lids replaced–I put them up there a year ago!

The results:

See how much nicer the top shelf is now? Tupperware was removed and put in the van for transport and I cleared enough space so I can hopefully move a few more things up there to make room in another cupboard for craft items (more on that later).

The lovely Tupperware above is what I refilled to store pasta, rice and corn muffin mix. I have various other holders in the pantry too, although they’re not laid out exactly the way I’d like. I just get what I can find at garage sales and make them fit! Better something than nothing :)

Leah was so excited that they could play in the bottom of the pantry now that it is cleared out! I do store my bread-machine here, but that’s it! I’m learning that it’s okay to have empty cupboards!

Head on over to Project Simplify to check out some other great results! And speaking of decluttering and spring cleaning, I’m going to be taking next week off from the blogging world to do some much needed cleaning of many other areas of the house. I’ll be showing my results as well as sharing my Thrifty Thursday post about finding deals on healthy foods with and without coupons.

Have a great weekend!
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