This year, I’m linking up with Simple Mom’s Project Simplify and also the Spring Cleaning Challenge over at The Untrained Housewife (I write there too!). For Week 1, we were challenged to declutter kids’ stuff. Since we’ve all been sick for the past two weeks, I just went through the kids’ toys and am leaving their clothes for later. Spring hasn’t quite come here yet, so we’re still wearing lots of winter clothes anyway!

We have a space underneath the stairs where we store the toys. The kids can play under there or pull them out into the family room (which is what usually happens). 

Most of the time, they just get thrown back under the stairs and pretty soon they can’t even walk into the little space. We also had received toys for Christmas so I wanted to let go of some things they don’t play with anymore!

A few before and after shots:





There’s still some things I need to go through and pare down but it’s much better than before! Have you decluttered anything this week?

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7 Comments on Decluttering my Kids’ Toys–Yikes! – Project Simply Week 1

  1. Awesome job with the toys!! That kind of project can be a beast when left to get out of control :) I love how you use the mat on the floor…we have a similar one but always try to put it up. We’ll have to try it next time!

    Thanks for linking up the Spring Cleaning Challenge! Good luck on the prizes :)

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