You lost, again. The battle with anger, that is. Some days are better than others. But still, you want to be redeemed “for good” from acting out in anger against your children.

These are thoughts that run through my mind often. Why do I keep repeating these same behaviors? I ask my kids not to act in anger towards each other and yet I do the very thing I do not want them doing! I honestly feel like I’m the only one or that’s “just the way I am”.

Even in our weaknesses, I am SO thankful that there is help. Scripture gives us so many powerful words to gain victory over this anger. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to actually take action and see change take place.

We can’t do it without the grace of God. And I’m so glad for the promise that He’s always present and will never leave us or forsake us! Hebrews 13:8

Oddly enough, I’ve written two posts about anger recently and I think it’s because it is such a huge issue in my life right now. Many of you, my readers, who took my reader survey shared that what they struggled most with in parenting was being patient and not getting upset so easily.

While I feel I can speak to being patient, acting in anger is something I am still working through. But I am determined to commit this area of my life to prayer and find a way, by God’s grace, to overcome.

Perhaps you want to “kick” the anger too! There is HOPE, fellow moms! Three tips that have been helpful to me as I’ve worked through this issue:

Know Your Triggers

Is it kids yelling at each other that makes YOU yell? A messy kitchen that grates on your nerves? Going to bed too late and as a result you’re tired and more prone to outbursts? Think about what happened right before you got angry the last time. When you see that happening again, let the Holy Spirit remind you that you don’t want to lash out!

Apologize to Your Kids

Most moms will yell and react angrily at some point. It’s an opportunity to show our children that God is working true repentance in us by apologizing for our outbursts and asking forgiveness. I do think this softens our hearts as we pursue peace in our homes.

Read or Memorize a Meaningful Bible Verse about Anger

Proverbs 15:1 is an excellent verse for this type of situation: A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring this or another verse to your mind when you need help!

Furthermore, I’m glad that we are blessed with experienced moms who have been in our place. Moms who have learned from the Lord how to recognize stumbling blocks, form intentional strategies to help them prayerfully maintain control with their children and learn how to respond “in the moment” when it would be easy to lose their minds.

One mom who is sharing her heart on this is one of my fellow bloggers, Alicia Michelle from Your Vibrant Family. She’s created a video course called 7 Days to a Less Angry Mom.

7 Days to a Less Angry Mom

The course is divided into seven days’ time (you can watch at your own pace). Each day has a video and a homework component. I tell you what, it is good. And I honestly don’t say that about every eCourse I’ve taken. Alicia is incredibly personable and non-judgmental. Her approach is filled with biblical truths and enthusiastic grace…she truly wants to help.

I also love that there are actionable tasks you can do after watching each video. Oftentimes it’s in the application that I get hung up the most and it’s so wonderful to have someone take my hand, in a way, and lead me through implementing what I’ve learned.

Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to find free time in your day. But friends, it is so worth it to carve out some time for yourself so you can learn and be ministered to in this course. There’s also a private Facebook group where we can go for encouragement and accountability.

7 days to a less angry mom

Learn more about 7 Days to a Less Angry Mom!

Let me know in the comments if you decide to purchase the course (or have any questions). I’d love to pray for you!


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2 Comments on When You’re Kicking Yourself for Losing it with Your Kids Again

  1. When I have moments like this, I’m reminded how many times the Lord might feel this way about me. Instead, He shows mercy and grace. Oh, that we could do the same! AND what a great teaching opportunity…to humble yourself before your littles to apologize for words spoken in anger. Sometimes that can be more powerful than “being perfect” all the time – admitting your weaknesses and righting your wrongs.

    • Yes! If it weren’t for the grace of God, where would we be? So thankful for the kindness He shows to us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragements!

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