So far I’ve shared about decorative wall art with Scripture and why I post verses on the inside of cabinet doors. Now I want to talk about why I chose the verses that I did and the purpose for displaying Scripture in our homes in the first place!

The two main reasons we put up Scripture in our home are:

  • To show that we belong to and worship God
  • To encourage memorization for our whole family

I find that when I have verses in various places around the house it makes it easier to “hide them in my heart”.

Sometimes I choose verses that pertain to a specific area in my life I am struggling with. For instance, the verses in my bathroom cabinet address self-control (Titus 2:11-12 and 2 Peter 1:3-8) which is something I have trouble with when it comes to managing my time and not eating too much chocolate among other things! :)

I’d love to know: what verses do you have displayed or want to display in your home?

…to be continued next Monday, when I’ll be sharing how we use Scripture in our home for the purpose of teaching and training our kids!


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2 Comments on Writing Them on the Doorposts: Scripture in our Home, Part 3

  1. Oh, I am ALL over this one. Love it. I love, love, love having Scripture in my home and on my walls. Over the last several years I have really re-evaluated what kind of decor I have in my home. I want people to know who I am when they walk in my home!!! Great words today Jennifer and thanks for joining in and linking up with the Koinonia Community! :)

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