Last Friday, I posted about where I put Scripture so I can easily read it to Jude throughout the day. I definitely don’t forget about our older two children in this endeavor!

In Sunday School last year, Will’s class worked on Scripture memorization. Once the kids recited a memorized verse a certain number of times to their teacher they got a small reward. This fall I decided to do something similar at our house! I’m working on a Scripture memory unit for our kids that takes us through the alphabet with a Bible verse for each letter. It’s a chance for Will and Leah not only to memorize but apply these verses to their lives. Obviously we keep it very simple at this point :)

As we go through this unit, we are “building” a caterpillar, adding one circle or “segment” each time we complete a verse! So far we have A through E. This is on the wall down the hallway to our kids’ room so they can see it as often as they like!

I do post each weekday: devotions, recipes, kids crafts, series that I’m a part of and soon some series that I’m working on myself. And of course there are the occasional Will-isms and Lovely Leah posts for the grandparents and any other interested parties :) I’d love to look at your blogs too!

*You can read the rest of the Scripture in our Home series here. This post is linked with the “Write them on the Doorposts” Contest Challenge.


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2 Comments on Writing Them on the Doorposts: Scripture in our Home, Part 6

  1. Found your site a while back and now sitting here reading and reading….loving your craft suggestions and ways to add scripture to our daily lives….very happy to follow you. Can’t wait to try some of the crafts with my lil’ guy! :) Blessings!

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