If you missed them, you are welcome to read the previous posts in the Scripture in our Home series!

Having Scripture displayed all around our home really motivates us to commit it to memory and allow it to transform our thinking. We also want our kids to hide God’s Word in their little hearts and so we try to think of simple ways to share verses with them throughout the day.

It’s such fun to read Scripture to little J too and so I like to place Bible verses where he spends a lot of time….at his changing table :)

Here are our most recent verses…

I think it’s appropriate to throw in a little humor for good measure.

To be fair, although my baby has moments when he struggles with sleep, most of the time he is a great snoozer!

Next Monday I’ll share a fun idea for helping your kids learn Scripture as well as introduce a little project I’ve been working on. This post is linked to the “Write Them on Your Doorposts” Contest Challenge.

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1 Comment on Writing Them on the Doorposts: Scripture in our Home, Part 5

  1. Love the “Not all shall sleep but all shall be changed!” That has been one of my favorite scriptures to hang in the nursery!

    I have purposed to have more scripture on my walls as well. Such a wonderful idea! :)

    Thanks for linking up today and joining in the Koinonia Community!!

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