Do you feel like God always falls to the bottom of your priority list?

Do you struggle with making time for consistent devotions? You know that reading God’s Word gives life, but you just aren’t sure how to find the time.

It used to be easy for me to do devotions and have purposeful time in the Word… before I had kids.

Then for years, I struggled with balance and felt like I couldn’t find any free moments for a “quiet time” in the Bible on my own.

I often found myself majoring in intention and minoring in follow-through.

All the Scripture study methods I tried seemed cumbersome and I’d get overwhelmed in the planning stages trying to find the perfect time or way to dive into the Word on a consistent basis.

What I needed was a real solution that would allow me to spend time in God’s Word consistently while also realistically fitting in with my busy life as a wife and a mom of four young children who had a part-time job and enjoyed other vocational activities.

Are you that kind of mom too? :) If so, Write Through the Word was created for you!!

A Simple Solution That Made the Difference

I pursued several devotional plans and Scripture learning methods, until finally settling on something that really worked.  That’s how Write Through the Word: Simple Bible Reading and Writing Plans for Busy Moms was born.

Write Through the Word is a simple, effective Bible reading, journaling, and study method designed to help you hide God’s Word in your heart in a way that sticks, even if you don’t have a lot of time for Bible study each day.

Busy moms in every stage of life can get fit the Word of God into their lives, even on the craziest days. 

Yes, that means you too! :)

I want a more joyous faith journey, greater knowledge of the Bible, and an understanding of God’s Word to be a part of your life, too! 

You CAN experience spiritual growth this year, even in the small spaces of your time.

Write Through the Word fits into your busy life, giving you a simple, effective way to learn, remember and apply God’s Word. 

Part of the reason I included not only daily readings but also a journaling page and reflection questions is that we retain much more of what we learn when we write things down.

This resource is a digital, downloadable product available in our shop that you can print out on your own.

Printable Bible Reading Plan for Women

This year’s Write Through the Word Bible reading plan theme is God, You Are!

Over the last few months of this past year, I reflected on all of the distractions that attempt to take hold of us as we try to live faithfully.

We become discouraged and lose hope when nothing around us seems to be working out. We start out confident but begin to fear when life spirals out of our control.

We lose our focus when we become distracted by chaos rather than focusing on what is steady and true.

These thoughts are what motivated me to choose this year’s theme of God, You Are. Because we know that God is unchanging, merciful, faithful, and more, we can have hope, confidence, and assurance, even when struggles and challenges persist. And, as Romans 1:5 says, “Hope does not disappoint us.”

These daily scripture readings will comfort you, strengthen you and give you the hope and assurance that God is Who He says He is.

Write Through the Word includes:

  • Month-by-month Scripture calendar, so you can start any time of the year and still have 12 full months of Scripture writing available to you!
  • Dated, 12-month (52-week plan) Scripture calendar for 2023
  • Reproducible printable journaling page with space to write down the verses of the day, thoughts on the verse that are guided by three simple questions to help you dig deeper, and a spot to write down a personal prayer. You can also use the journaling page as a guide and grab your own notebook for daily writing.
  • Bonus coloring pages and Scripture cards so that you can have God’s Word in front of you throughout the day.
  • A printable prayer list for writing down requests and answered prayers.
  • Printable, reproducible women’s sermon notes page
  • Two encouraging videos teaching you how to develop a consistent devotional time and how to make the most of Write Through the Word.
  • This is a printable resource, no physical copy will be sent to you

And on the days when everything is crazy and daily Bible reading just doesn’t happen?

Because Write Through the Word is so simple to implement, it’s a method that allows you to easily catch up, so you don’t lose heart.

  • Each day of the week, you’ll read one to two Bible verses 
  • You can choose to use the journaling pages to write down the verses as well as reflections and truths you have learned 
  • Over the course of a year, you’ll have read and studied over 365 verses from a great variety of books of the Bible
  •  The purpose of just 1-2 verses a day is so that it’s easy for you to catch up if you miss a day; even if you only have a chance to read the Scripture passages and not write them every single day, it gives you a sense of accomplishment

Once you begin using Write Through the Word, you’ll begin to see and understand deeper truths about God’s Word and conquer the challenge of finding time for Bible study.

It will give you confidence not only in your own Scripture study but in teaching it to your children too!

Aren’t sure how exactly to make time for a devotional time?

When you purchase Write Through the Word, you’ll receive two videos that will guide you step-by-step through how to carve out time in your day for God’s Word and how to use the Bible reading plans and Scripture writing method to do exactly that.

Even if you simply read the Scripture in your favorite version and don’t have time to write it down some days, the references on the calendars are easy to refer back to when you need encouragement or a timely word to share with someone you love.

Get Your Copy of Write Through the Word Now!

printable bible reading plan 2023

Don’t forget that Write Through the Word comes with Perpetual, month-by-month calendars too, so you can get started any month of the year or read at your own pace and still have a one-year plan of Scripture reading and writing available to you!

God honors any amount of time spent in His Word.

Don’t wait any longer to start reading and writing the Bible! And don’t let perfection stop you from studying God’s Word with intention!

I’ve made Write Through the Word simple, helpful, and effective, so you can experience a real difference in your devotional life, your relationship with Jesus Christ,  and your understanding of His Word.

Ready to get started?

Join me in writing through the precious words of the Bible, allowing Scripture to transform your heart and mind, in just a few minutes each day.

Write Through the Word: God, You Are

Get Your Copy Now!

**Please note, this is a digital resource. No physical copy will be mailed to you!