Today I’m sharing over at day2days joys about my struggle to have a daily routine and the steps I’m taking to finally do it for the good of my family! Here’s a little snippet from my post:

As these years have gone by, my life has gotten so much more complicated. I realized a few days ago that I can’t stay on top of things like I used to without a tool to organize my day. So I finally decided to buckle down and use all this knowledge I’ve gleaned to make a daily routine! I already had a bedtime ritual (wash face, brush teeth, devotions, sleep) so I realized that the term “routine” doesn’t have to be something intimidating: it just has to be some general events l that I put into practice enough times to make it a habit.

Read four tips on setting up a successful and flexible routine over at day2day joys!

Shared at Homemakers Challenge

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