Welcome to What to Expect in Blogging: The Early Years series! We’ll be going through the month of September talking about all things bloggy {you can see many of the topics in my intro post on the series}.

Tomorrow we’re going to address how to create an effective vision for your blog. Before we start chatting about the technical aspects of blogging, let’s address this question:

Why do we blog?

It’s incredibly interesting to find out what motivates people to push the “publish” button and let their thoughts be made known to the world. There are many reasons behind our purpose. We want to share our opinions, educate, inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge others with our words. And these words are powerful! 

“A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.” ~~Emily Dickinson

I thought it would be inspiring to hear from some other ladies on why they chose to start a blog and what motivates them to continue. Some of my awesome blogging friends were so great to share their thoughts!

“I started blogging as a way out of my own little bubble and into relationships with women who can encourage me in my faith and my role as a wife and mother. I felt like the Lord was calling me to do something more meaningful with my free time. Plus, if I wasn’t blogging I’d probably have to be doing dishes. It seems like a no-brainer!” ~~Katherine from Proverbs and Pacifiers

“I felt led of God to share and encourage other moms and wives. I enjoy encouraging others but God kept prodding me to share my experiences, ups and downs, and show others that they too can have joy and a love for raising their family!” ~~Jennifer from A Heart for the Home

“We blog because we were getting lots of question from friends about our parenting style, natural living methods and Biblical teaching techniques. We turned our stack of emails that we had written into a blog and Sisters Raising Sisters was born!” ~~Penny from Sisters Raising Sisters

“I want to encourage like-minded women in their roles as wives, mothers and homeschoolers. Blogging is also an outlet for writing and connecting with other women who are in the same “boat” in life as I am.” ~~Heather from Raising Mighty Arrows

Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot/freedigitalphotos.net

“My blog started out as a way to keep myself accountable to my goals, share how our family was doing and have something fun to do. I blog now because I feel God has called me to share our stories, struggles and victories and how we can glorify Him as a counter-culture, paleo-eating, Christian family in this mission field we call home.” ~~Jacque from Whole Family Strong

“I blog for 4 main reasons: Income, to contribute financially toward our family without forsaking my duties toward my husband and children; Ministry, following the Titus 2 example of women ministering to women; Community, since we are created with a need for community and can connect and learn from fellow saints through blogging; and Personal Growth, because maintaining a blog provides incentive to read good literature and God’s Word for inspiration, as well as learning new recipes and how to take new pictures….things that can serve as a double blessing.” ~~Jacinda from Growing Home

“I want to minister to and encourage other women in their roles of mother and wife as well as be a resource for tips, ideas and advice for homeschoolers and mothers of many {and not so many too!}.” ~~Sarah from My Joy Filled Life

“My first blog was simply an outlet for me as a stay at home mom. My blog grew to over 2,000 followers but was full of my selfish rants and justifications for sin. As my blog grew in one direction, the Lord began growing me in another! I deleted the blog completely and later started over, not for myself, but for Him.” ~~Stacey from Abiding Woman

“I blog because it is an outlet for me as a stay-at-home-mom. It has provided in exciting ways for our family and it {hopefully} lets me be an encouragement to other women!” ~~Becky from Purposeful Homemaking

Why do I blog, you may wonder? You can read lots of details about that on my about page, but in short, it’s because I want us to learn together and encourage each other to be women, mothers and wives of purpose in the spiritual, financial, emotional and practical areas of life as we rely on the grace of God to teach, convict and strengthen us. I love that there is so much to learn from so many other women all around the globe!

Why do YOU blog? Feel free to share your reason in the comments with a link to your blog!

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7 Comments on Why do we Blog?

  1. Why do I blog? At first it was to vent as I was a trucker’s wife and being alone most of the month keeping the home fires burning was overwhelming at times. Now I have a place where I can speak of my views of the things happening in the world. I am still fine tuning my blog, and I don’t have many followers. I’m learning and growing with the blog which I believe I need to do at this time.
    Here’s my blog address: https://wildernesstohighroad.com

  2. Here is an excerpt from my “about me” page on why I blog:

    “I thought of the idea for this blog one night when I couldn’t sleep. My son was about four months old and I felt alone. Having lost my own mother at nineteen, sometimes I feel like I’m ‘flying by the seat of my pants,’ while doing this whole mothering thing. I imagined the number of other women out there in similar situations. I wanted to create a place where we could support one another in this great task of motherhood.”

    Looking forward to reading more in this series!


    • That’s a great reason to blog, Janelle. It’s so great when you can come at things from your own individual perspective!

  3. Jenn, I am SO excited about this blogging series you are starting! I have dabbled in blogs for a while but I’m constantly thinking of post ideas and continuing to annoy my husband by taking photos of things I cook (LOL) and I just want to share with other ladies!

    I’m excited to keep up with this series!


    • Thanks for being here! I hope you enjoy it and that it can help you in your focus and vision for your blog :)

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