Right in this moment of my life as a mom, there’s nothing that makes my heart sink more than asking how my kids’ school day went and having them say “not good.” When my 7 year old’s little face looks sad after he hops in the van at pick-up, I just want to fix everything immediately!!

There’s a balancing act that takes place when our children are in school. While we do all we can to teach them well, nurture and protect them when they’re with us, we aren’t in control when it comes to the events of a typical school day.

And that can be scary. For me as a mom AND for our kids.

Notice the title of this post? It’s not, “when your child’s fear feels bigger than THEIR faith”. It’s “when your child’s fear feels bigger than YOUR faith.”

Have you been through these topsy-turvy feelings too?

school year prayer challenge for moms

Wanting to trust that your babies will be okay as they hop on the bus in the morning or walk through the doors and wave goodbye? Knowing that God is good and He can take care of them…..but yet wanting to do your part to make their school experience a joyful one?

When our son’s classmates move away from him during circle time because they don’t want to play with him, or our daughter feels rejected by the girls she has deemed the “popular” ones, or maybe our shy Kindergartener didn’t even want to go to school today, their fears become ours too.

And fear can push faith out of the way.

What do we do about that? We can’t hold our child’s hand all of the time–when we choose to send them to school, we also have to choose to commit them fully to the Lord and trust that He holds them in HIS hands!

Even if we can’t fully choose how our child’s school day will turn out, we can choose to intentionally pray over them as they walk through this school year!

But, on a busy school day? Prayer isn’t always easy to find time for and sometimes we struggle with what to pray about!

That’s why I created a brand NEW Scripture and prayer-focused devotional. It’s for busy moms just like you—and me too–who want to nurture our prayer life and cover our kids with prayer as they go through the school year, but are just so busy that we’re overwhelmed with where to start.

Introducing the 31 Days of School Year Prayers devotional!

This devotional will help you spend time in God’s Word and cultivate a stronger prayer life as you meditate on a Scripture verse and apply it personally to your child’s needs for the school year!

31 school year prayers for your children devotional

It includes:

  • 31 Day Calendar (in a pretty floral theme!) with Scripture Verses and a school-related character quality for each day (wisdom, bravery, kindness, respect, etc). You can start the devotional on ANY Sunday and continue for 31 days–doesn’t have to be the first day of a month.
  • 31 short daily devotions to go along with each verse on the calendar.
  • “Living and Active” section on the devotional page to write out or draw the verse in your favorite Bible translation – feel free to be creative!
  • A thought-provoking question related to the verse.
  • Space to write a prayer for your child/children.
  • Bible verse print of Proverbs 1:5 to display in your home.
  • PNG version of the calendar so you can save it to your photos on your phone for quick reference.

I want us all as parents to take hold of the powerful discipline of prayer so that your children can enjoy a purposeful, Christ-filled, confident school year and so YOU can come away from your devotional time with a stronger prayer life!

The amazing thing is, when I’ve been consistent in praying over my children, I’ve found that I have more trust and rest in God’s care, and less nervousness or fear. It’s honestly not something I try to make happen–it’s simply that “peace that passes all understanding”.

Through the power of God, our prayers are effective! Prayer can encourage our kids on hard days, cultivate faith, protect them from harm, and give strength.

31 days of prayer post feature

When we can’t be with our children during their school day, our prayers go with them!

Join me in praying intentionally over our children for 31 days!

See sample pages and order the 31 Days of School Year Prayers for Your Children Devotional right now in our online store!

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