Some days, when it rains, it pours. For the past few days my sweet baby boy has had a terrible cold and as a result, trouble sleeping and breathing through his little nose. Then today, my older son had a very upset stomach…and I don’t need to talk about what happened with that!

The thing is, when your children are sick, all you want to do is hold them, comfort them and make them feel better (even when you can’t). And the other things you enjoy are laid aside until your kids are back to their bouncy, happy selves. Even blogging. Especially blogging.

All that to say that I will return tomorrow with my post about our budget as well as some of the debt-free books we love. Someday I will get a blog post done far enough ahead of time, but for now, enjoy a picture of my kiddos on a healthy day….and if you think of it, I’d appreciate a prayer for these precious little ones. :) Have a blessed day!
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4 Comments on When Your Children Are Sick

  1. Thank you ladies so much! Kasey, I will be saying a prayer for your little ones as well…and you!

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