After reading through the first chapter of 1 John, where John emphasizes the importance of true fellowship with the Lord, we hear some comforting words in 1 John 2. Verse two tells us that Jesus is our Advocate, in other words someone who speaks in court on behalf of a defendant. And not only does He speak in our defense, He is also the One who paid our penalty (or bail) for us! When I think of how often I fail Jesus and yet how much He still loves me despite that fact, I am amazed at His grace.

Our life as Christians should be characterized by obedience, not out of obligation but out of a thankful heart! “…whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected.” (vs. 5) It’s easy to say I know God and another thing to really follow Him. What an amazing truth that “the true Light is already shining” and giving me the help I need to abide in Jesus.

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3 Comments on Week 3 of 1 John, Chapter 2

  1. God is working so many of the things you wrote about in me: obedience, a thankful heart, and abiding in Christ. I’m not where I want to be—or where He wants me—but He is slowly transforming me into Christ’s image. There’s no journey I’d rather take.

  2. Stopping by from GMG blog hop!! I too thought of a court room and Jesus as my lawyer with God the Father as the Judge!! :) I am glad to know He is on my side and is there for me! Thanks for the great post and hope to see you again on the 1 John journey! have a blessed day!

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