Hello, fellow blogger! What brings you here today?

Perhaps the title of this post caught your eye and you are looking for an answer to that very question: how do I start (or continue to) grow my blog? 

Maybe you’re in a place as a very new blogger where you’ve caught a vision and want to share your heart and purpose with an audience that is searching for just what you can give them the answers to but you don’t know where to even start.

Perhaps you’ve been sharing your thoughts on the internet  for awhile now but it feels like you’re struggling to stay afloat in the GIANT sea of blogs that are clambering for people’s attention. You want to stand out and be productive and effective in what you are doing and even make some money for your efforts but it seems like there is SO much “how to” information about blogging that you feel overwhelmed with all the options.

 Looking to grow your blog but don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed by all the options and information out there! Learn how I found the direction and inspiration I needed to take my blog to the next level and provide financially for my family while encouraging others with great content in the process!

About a year ago, I wrote what became a very popular post called How I Doubled My Pinterest Followers in Two Months!

In it I mentioned an incredible blogging course I began taking in the fall of 2014 (and am still gleaning from!) that helped me set and pursue goals for my blog and gave me the direction, focus and step-by-step inspiration I needed to take my blog to the “next level” and helped it grow for the encouragement of others and as a financial benefit to our family.


This membership course which I am a part of is called Elite Blog Academy. It is run by Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less, who is a tremendously successful business woman and also an incredibly personable and talented writer who truly cares about her audience.

Since I began Elite Blog Academy, I have been seeing the following benefits:

  1. Traffic has increased by almost 12x from where I started before the course (from 10,000 a month to 112,000 a month). Pinterest especially has taken off in the last year as I’ve learned strategies for drawing more traffic and communicating well with eye-catching images and text.
  2. My engagement from my audience has improved as I have narrowed my focus and learned to understand the needs of my audience.
  3. Content that I am writing is being shared, pinned and talked about in a way that increases the reach of the encouragement I strive to provide to readers.
  4. Email subscribers have exploded, especially in the past three months. I am able to share my passion with so many more women than in the past, and I’m so thankful for that opportunity!
  5. My income has increased. I am seeing a steady growth in income from my blog. This is so encouraging because I know that I am not putting in the many hours a week I spend blogging in vain!

Elite Blog Academy is open right now!

Enrollment for Elite Blog Academy is only open ONCE a year, from February 22-26!

Find out more about it or enroll now!

EBA Closes Tonight, February 26, at 11:59 PM EST!

Click here to Enroll Now and I guarantee this will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your blog.


Have any questions about Elite Blog Academy? Leave them in the comments and I will answer them!



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