I’m so excited to share the The Trip Clip with you! My 6 and 3 year olds recently had the privilege of trying a Trip Clip and they LOVED it! 

The Trip Clip is a clipboard offered in four different colors that comes with a multi-colored pen and the option of many printable activities. Kids can use it in the car, at home and at the store! The activities include Sudoku for Kids, Travel Bingo, Grocery Shopping Lists, Crossword Puzzles and many more!  

L working hard on a maze

The cost of The Trip Clip is $19.95 and comes with 10 activity downloads. Once you access your downloads, you can reprint and rearrange the puzzles, lists etc as many times as you want. 

The size of the clipboard is 6×9, which is smaller than I expected. But it really is the perfect size because it fits just right in the little storage cubbies in our van. It also fit nicely in the diaper bag when we took it to Target. My three-year-old used a customized grocery shopping list (complete with pictures of what we needed to buy) and was so thrilled!

I honestly love this product and would absolutely recommended it, either as a gift or to have for your own children. It would be especially nice for kids who often go on shopping trips with mom or dad and for families who frequently travel long distances.

Using it in the van–a perfect time for the printable License Plate game!

Get yours today at The Trip Clip website

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25 Comments on The Trip Clip Giveaway! Perfect for Summer Travels!

  1. We travel a lot. My husband is a pastor and we travel all over our state to various meetings.

  2. We would use it in the car. We are planning many trips this summer so this would be great.
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  3. This would be great!!! Wish I had found this years ago when we traveled more with my husband as he preached in a lot of different states

  4. In the car..we have a Dvd player in the car so my daughter always just wants to watch movies but this would be a great alternative. I’m sure she would do it at home too!

  5. Around my house, at the store, in the care! My daughter has recently developed a fascination with clip boards and would LOVE THIS!

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