Are your kids complaining of boredom and you need something quick and easy to occupy them? Are you preparing for your next homeschool year? Or maybe you want printables that you can use while traveling on family vacation!

I wanted to share with you my top 10 websites for free kids’ learning and educational printables. These cover a wide variety of ages and skill levels so I hope you can all find something you’ll enjoy!

Our top 10 favorite websites for free kids educational printables!

123 Homeschool for Me – Lots of free printables including preschool packs that have themes like Curious George, Dr. Seuss, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Tangled and more!
curious george preschool pack

Free Homeschool Deals – This blog is dedicated to helping others save money so they can afford the homeschool life. The daily emails offer a great resource for finding a variety of schooling materials for free or almost free! Even if you’re not a homeschooler, there are plenty of good deals to be found.

DTLK’s Kids – This website has been around for many years and offers a huge selection of free printables and craft ideas & patterns for the littlest on up. It is a bit more difficult to navigate than some other websites but is overall a great resource!

Homeschool Creations – I LOVE Jolanthe’s website and her generosity in providing so many colorful and well-done printables free of charge is such a wonderful way to minister to other mommas!

Crayola  – Of course Crayola would have coloring pages, right? :) There are lots of different categories to choose from including seasons, celebrations, dry erase, science, plants and animals and lots more.

Christian Preschool Printables – Many free and also some for purchase! These are Bible themed on a variety of topics and my children love them! Use them for Sunday school too, to teach your kids about God’s Word!

Confessions of a Homeschooler – This blog is one of my favorites, not only because Erica offers some beautiful free printables for toddlers through elementary school in a variety of school subjects, but because she is also a very sweet person! I love to support those who I know are creating their materials for the right reasons!

Mama Jenn – I found this blog only recently and am looking forward to trying Jenn’s Color Wheel Activity, Bingo Games, Bible Verse Copywork and Math Activities – all for free!
FREE Printable Color Wheel Activity
Teachers Pay Teachers – This website has a variety of free and for-purchase worksheets and activities for preschool all the way up to 12th grade! I have only looked at the printables for preschool and first grade and we’ve enjoyed using those that are originally created by some of the teachers that use this site.

Disney Jr. Color & Create – Lots of printables like coloring pages and activity sheets of all your child’s favorite characters: Sofia the First, Disney Princesses, Cars and more! You can also try the main Disney printables website for even more activities!

I have been so loving my new printer, the HP Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer***, provided to me courtesy of Staples. As a homeschooler or simply as a parent who needs to print coupons or other paperwork often, I think it’s worth it to make room for a high-quality printer in your budget if you can!

***This printer has been phased out since I posted this back in 2013! Would you believe, though, that we’re still using this printer after 7 years? If you’re looking for a simple, but nice printer for yourself, you can find this HP Envy printer on Amazon that we currently use as our secondary printer.

Homeschoolers typically go through tons of ink and paper when printing each year. Anyone with a small, at-home business or people who digital scrapbook could get very good use out of this printer too!

Before I got my HP, I had a Brother printer, which worked fine but it was SO SLOW. The ink got really smeared and I had to clean it about six times to get the printing quality back to “almost” normal again, which used up a ton of ink.

This printer is on the bigger side, but not huge.
It’s on our hutch in the dining room right now.

Now, admittedly, it was a $50 printer, and the HP is higher-priced. But you can definitely tell the difference in quality and it’s saving me a lot of sanity right now!

So far, I’ve been incredibly pleased with the speed AND clarity of my printing, even on the “fast draft” setting. It copies and scans very clearly and quickly. You can fax too, although I don’t currently need that function. It prints nice pictures on photo paper as well and you can adjust the input tray to make accommodations for even 4×6 photo paper. The ink cartridges are easy to find as well.

Printer quality on fast draft–very clear and colorful!

I’ve used it to print cardstock as well and it doesn’t jam like my Brother printer. It does work best if you put in only a few sheets of cardstock at a time and keep regular paper out of the tray while you’re printing on it.

The one thing that was frustrating though was setting up the wireless networking so that I could print over our wireless connection directly from my laptop to the printer. It took me nearly an hour. However, I’m fairly certain most of that was my fault, as I accidentally connected my laptop to the printer via USB port before I tried setting it up wirelessly. I wasn’t supposed to do that and it created two networks and then my printer wouldn’t recognize the correct one.

{Note to self: Don’t do anything without reading the instructions first, even if you think you know what you’re doing.}

After that snafu, things have worked perfectly! And just in case you’re wondering how that Disney website tied in, there are actually apps included on the printer that you can scroll through to pick printable activities right from the super cool touch screen! My 7 and 5 year old liked the Disney, Crayola and Highlights apps of course and there are some for moms and dads too.

So there you have it, my new “favorite thing”. I honestly try not to recommend a whole ton of products to my readers because I don’t want to inundate you with “stuff” but in my opinion the HP 7520 is most definitely worth it, especially for mommas who are homeschooling and know how much a good printer can save on stress and time!

There are several other HP printer options at Staples too. Some of the other printers are smaller in size as well, which may work better depending on how much space you have.

Do you have any favorite websites for free kids’ printables? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Staples provided me with a printer for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own. 


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