I’m taking a break from the Joys of Mothering series for our Thrifty Thursday link-up (read the previous posts and catch up if you’d like!). Tomorrow we’ll have a post on the joys of homeschooling! 

Thanks for joining Anna, from Feminine Adventures, and me for our 24th Thrifty Thursday. We had so many great links last week, it was honestly one of our best yet! Keep it coming, everyone! Here are just a few of our favorites.

Sonja from Practical Stewardship shows us how to make astringent for facial cleansing. I am SO going to try this tomorrow!

Alexandrea shares some creative ways to earn money, including a couple of ideas I hadn’t thought of before!

Julie from The Spirit of Saving gives us 10 Free Activities to Beat the Heat!

Thanks to Jenni at Mom Essentials, I now know how to make “Essential Oil Water”, a great substitute for soda and other sweet drinks!

Feminine Adventures

And now, Anna and I would love to have you join us for our weekly Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop! Posts about living frugally, thrifty tips and tricks, money-saving DIY projects and gardening, frugal recipes, and encouraging posts on financial stewardship are all welcome. Link up to either of our blogs–your post will be displayed in both places.We’d be very grateful if you’d share only thrifty-themed posts. (Read full guidelines here.)

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my homemade astringent! I am posting a recipe for a sweet green smoothie with 6 hidden veggies/greens. Have a blessed weekend!

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