I am so excited to be guest posting this morning at Mother of Seven. I’m sharing my adoption story as well as some encouragement for adoptive families. Here’s a little preview of my post:

Since the time I was a tiny baby, my parents shared with me that I was adopted. They brought me home as a three-week old infant and rejoiced in the child they had been longing for. My mother read me books about adoption, hung a precious framed print (words below) about adoption in my nursery and shared with friends and family how God blessed them with such a wonderful answer to prayer.

Because all adoptions were closed at the time I was born, identifying information about my birthparents was kept sealed until I turned 18 and could legally search for them. In high school my mom showed me a paper with the only information they knew which included medical history and generic information about my birthparents’ physical appearance. This intrigued me more, especially when I discovered that I was born just a couple of hours from our home!

Join me at Mother of Seven for the rest of my story! 

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6 Comments on Thoughts from the Perspective of an Adopted Child

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I was kind of adopted… it’s a really long story, but I was raised by my biological father and “adoptive mother” (my biological mother was a surrogate-mother for my parents). I like how you talk about being open with adoptive children, because I didn’t find out about my history until I was well into college. I definitely wish my parents told me instead.

    • I definitely think it is important to be open with your kids. I know some people aren’t comfortable with that or don’t know how to broach the subject. But it is certainly best to hear it from your parents. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Finally trying to finish my rounds from Weekend Whatever 8. I read your story & it was pretty enlightening. There was a point when we weren’t sure if we would ever have children of our own & I thought about adoption. If I ever did adopt a child I think the way your parents did it really is the best. I’m following you on FB & GFC.

    Emily @ My Crazy Gluten Free Life

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