How to calm a chaotic day with kids in your household.

If things are feeling a little chaotic in your home, or the whining and tugging at your leg is keeping everyone from experiencing peace, try the following the next time your child throws a fit, whines/fusses or keeps picking battles with their sibs or you. 

Stop what you’re doing. Look your child in the eyes and kneel down to their eye level. {This doesn’t have to just be done during the middle of a tantrum but also when your child is trying to get your attention in…shall we say….annoying ways. ;) }

Say this: “I love you. Can we hug? How can I help you?”

Ignore any other noise around you and just help THIS child in THIS moment. The eye level attention you give them works. Why? Because sometimes your child is acting in a frustrating manner because they are wanting your attention and love.

When we’re busy trying to do all of the things, sometimes we forget that our kids just want a little bit of us, to help them refocus and see our care for them demonstrated in a really simple way :)

I focused on doing this several times a day over a few days time and it really helped reshape and relax the mood in our home. Sometimes when they told me what was the matter, it was something we could pray about in that moment too.

I hope this simple tip helps you connect with your kids on an otherwise chaotic day!



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1 Comment on This Parenting Tip for Chaotic Days Really Works

  1. Thank you! Just the shortness and simplicity of this message was soothing to me, and encouraging!

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