After one year on the Netflix Stream Team, I promised I’d update my readers on what I think of the kids movies and TV shows offered on Netflix Instant Streaming.

So here are my thoughts, broken down into five bullet points:

  • I like that they have almost all of the PBS Kids’ Shows available: Arthur, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood {see my Daniel Tiger themed activity list here} and Curious George are all big hits with my kids!
  • They have a decent selection for appropriate kids’ movies. We’ve enjoyed watching Prince of Egypt, VeggieTales, Thomas the Tank Engine and Winnie the Pooh videos. Here also are five classic movies that our kids are allowed to watch on Netflix Instant Streaming.
  • The science and nature themed videos they offer are really appealing to my 8 and 6 year olds. 
  • You can take Netflix on the go if you have an iPad with Wifi+4G (or even just Wifi when used on any wireless network), a smart phone or a laptop with wireless capability.
  • They are always expanding their selection of movies and TV shows. 


Things I’m not so fond of, broken down into three bullet points:

  • Their limited selection of religious programming. As Christians, we enjoy watching this genre of television programs and movies with our kids, so I would love if they would expand their selection of VeggieTales videos and movies like Prince of Egypt. Some older shows like 321 Penguins and Boz the Bear would also be a valuable addition to their lineup. But that could be just my opinion :) I need to mention though that I am pleased to see Kirk Cameron’s movie Unstoppable is on Netflix, which would be a great choice for teens and up!
  • The search function bothers me. On my Apple TV and Roku (which both stream Netflix onto our TV), when I type in searches for different kids’ shows, every selection in Netflix with the first letters of what I’m searching for pops up until I finish typing (slowly) with my remote. I don’t appreciate this because many times shows or names of movies that are semi-offensive or inappropriate for kids to be seeing tend to show up on the screen. The kids watch me when I’m getting a show ready and sometimes they like to search for them on their own, so I wish there was a better filter for the search function.
  • I’m still mourning the loss of Blues Clues. Let’s face it, part of the reason we were first drawn to Netflix as a family is that they had lots of shows that we enjoyed–Blues Clues, Wonder Pets and the old-school Busytown series (Busy Word of Richard Scarry). When Netflix did not renew their contract with the company that produced these shows, they were no longer offered. I hope they can bring some of these programs back….especially The Busy World of Richard Scarry!

Pros and cons being weighed, we have decided that we will continue to use Netflix! I’m putting my faith in the fact that Netflix will continue to add more series and movies that are appropriate and appealing to both us and our children {here are the 5 shows I love to watch on Netflix}. I also know that it’s a very affordable way to let our kids use their controlled media time, rather than paying for expensive cable. 

What do you think of Netflix Kids’ programming? Have you enjoyed this year-long series? I’m starting my second year of the Stream Team, so stay tuned for more fun activities, recipes, crafts and more things we combine with our favorite shows on Netflix!



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