Today I’m pleased to bring you a guest post from my friend Stacie at Motherhood on a Dime! I love what she has written and it is a good reminder for all of us!

Three years ago I began blogging with the intent of sharing a few simple activities for kids with my friends. Little did I know that blogging would turn from a hobby into a full-fledged business! Along the way, I’ve learned a few lessons, and many of those Jenn has already shared so eloquently in her blogging series.

I was honored when she asked me to guest post, but I’ve struggled to pen these paragraphs to share with you today. I feel as though I am in the thick of this blogging “lesson” that I’m learning, and I don’t really have it all figured out–but I’m going to be real and honest with you and maybe we can figure it out together!

The question I’m wrestling with–and the question I want to ask you about your blogging journey is this: What motivates you?

As Christian bloggers, we are often quick to spout off something about glorifying God and sharing our faith and journey with others that they may be encouraged. In fact, I have said this myself.

And yet.

Over the past three years, I’ve realized I need to constantly submit my will and check my motivation for blogging. I can easily share my blogging mission statement and purpose, but am I really living it out through my blog? What is really motivating me?

As bloggers, we can find so many resources and books about growing our blogs, building a platform, making more money, and writing the perfect post. At the same time, we realize the Christian life is a call to die daily to our own desires and to follow hard after God. It’s a chance to point others to Christ and to love them as Jesus loves us.

Unfortunately, sometimes the waters get a little murky. Things get a little messy. We live with tension.

Do I do all of these things to promote myself? Do I not promote my blog at all? Is this the right amount of time to spend on my blog? Am I wasting my time doing this? Is this God’s will for me? Am I seeking glory for myself or for God? What is TRULY motivating me?

If I’m brutally honest here, I can admit to you that sometimes I have struggled–I’ve wanted to be known. I’ve wanted to be one of those “super bloggers”. I’ve wanted thousands and hundreds of thousands of people to read my blog. In the midst of that, God has reminded me time and time again–it’s not about you, Stacie–it’s about Me.

“He must become greater, and I must become less important.” John 3:30

Not many of us will become well-known bloggers, but even with a small online presence, we do have the chance to influence those around us. How then do we live with this tension–the desire to build a platform and grow our blog, and yet to live an authentic life motivated by love for God and others?

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Here are a few things I’m trying (not that I have all of this figured out as you can tell from this post!):

1) Check your motivation…constantly.

One book that has convicted and encouraged me on this journey is Embracing Obscurity by an anonymous author. Here’s what he or she has to say in the chapter on “Embracing the Spotlight”:

“None of us are immune to the temptations of the spotlight…

Maybe you are already a pretty humble leader. But let me tell you, folks, we could all use the reminder. Why? Because we are never in more danger of glossing over our pride than during our time in the spotlight. The danger of self-deception is acute. I have good motivations, we reason, to expand my platform. I’m only looking for more influence so I can point more people to Christ.

Are you sure you want to bank on that?” — Embracing Obscurity, Chapter 9.

As bloggers, we are in the spotlight whether we have two readers or two hundred thousand readers, and we would do well to spend time in prayer honestly examining our motives! Jeremiah 17:9 (HCSB) says, “The heart is more deceitful than anything else, and incurable–who can understand it?” Many times when I think my motives are innocent, I wind up realizing I had some hidden agenda–even though I may not have been fully aware of it at the time.

2) Spend time in God’s Word.

There have been seasons in this blogging journey where I’ve found myself checking my blog and email before I have even spent time with God. Bad idea! When I don’t spend time with God first, it leaves me vulnerable to lies, pride, comparing myself to others, seeking after riches, and all of those traps we can fall into when we aren’t paying attention.

Spending time with God first reminds me of my priorities. It challenges me to align my motivation and my heart’s desires with His. It convicts me. It encourages me. It’s essential!

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3) Stay accountable to a friend or spouse.

My husband is an excellent sounding-board for me and he is willing to ask me the hard questions like “Why are you doing that?” or “Why did you post that?” Finding someone who is willing to be honest with you and not afraid to ask you point-blank questions is critical.

4) Always keep your purpose in view.

I think having a mission statement for your blog is essential. When opportunities and options arise, you can weigh them according to your blog’s purpose. You can ask yourself if the opportunity really fits what you are all about. I recommend writing out your mission statement and keeping it in view as you blog!

When thinking about your purpose, these reminders from Embracing Obscurity (Chapter 9) are helpful, too:

  • “My purpose is not to praise myself.
  • My purpose is not make my name great.
  • My purpose is not to get rich.
  • My purpose is not to gain authority over others for my ego’s sake.
  • My purpose is not to leave brothers and sisters in the dust of my ambition.
  • My purpose is not to make others feel small.
  • My purpose is not to become self-sufficient.
  • My purpose is not to earn a five star rating from the masses.”

5) Love others.

Truly, the cure for our self-serving desire to be known is sacrificial love. Instead of watching out for ourselves and blogging so that we become great, we serve and we love. We make His name great!

When you are sharing other bloggers’ posts, encouraging readers, and serving others, the focus isn’t on you. And that’s good. My ultimate hope and desire is that our blogs can be places where we love others and point the way to Him!

What about you? Have you ever struggled with wrong motives and blogging? What has helped you most?

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  1. Stacie and Jenn,

    I’ve followed both of your blogs and you are both an inspiration to me. I’m a new mom and a newer blogger and I’ve just found a wonderful community of women online who encourage and inspire me all the time. Jenn your book helped me find resources for teaching my little guys through music and other methods and Stacie your book has helped an orphanage and so many moms and bloggers. Thank you both. I hope you keep blogging because I enjoy visiting your sites. God Bless you both and your families.


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