For a very long time, I’ve been looking for a Bible devotional app that I really, really love. It needed to be easy to use, pleasing to the eye and offer a variety of Bible reading plans that were not too overwhelming and focused mainly on the Scriptures rather than the thoughts of other people.

I am happy to say that I found it! 

The one Bible devotional app I use every day (you need this one right now!)

The One Bible Devotional App I Use Every Day

The app that I love and have been using every single day (with a few exceptions) for the last 4 months is the She Reads Truth app!

We only have Apple products, but it looks like this app is available for Android devices from Google Play as well! She Reads Truth App for Android

It meets all my criteria:

  • Focus on the Scriptures, devotional thoughts from authors are secondary
  • Plans of varying lengths and types, with a ton of plans focused around holidays and seasons
  • Beautiful images
  • Simple navigation
  • Fun extras, like phone wallpapers and even real wall prints that you can order from their website! 

The app is free and most of the plans are free, some of the plans that are longer (like Bible in a Year) are available for purchase for $1.99. I believe all of these reading plans can be accessed for free on their website, but knowing myself, I need something on my phone, since it’s usually close by during the day. 

When I set my alarm in the morning, it also sends me a notification to read my Bible reading for the day. This has been the key (for me) to doing my devotions in the morning and saturating my heart with the Word of God before I even get out of bed. It makes a much better start to my day!!

Here are some screenshots from the app:

About Page


Part of the Main Menu


My current plan:


My current lock screen, using wallpaper from the app!


Cool tip: There is an app for men as well: He Reads Truth!

I truly believe that finding the right Bible app that works for you can help you in your daily devotional life.

P.S. I also have my physical Bible next to my bed for frequent use, because there is really no substitute for the “real thing!” In addition to the plans from She Reads Truth, I use my Write Through the Word prayer calendar and journaling page to write out one Bible verse each day on a particular theme. You can get your own for FREE when you subscribe to my blog via email! I’ll send you a new calendar and some pretty Scripture printables each month! 

Write Through the Word Facebook full

Get your copy of Write Through the Word by clicking here!

What devotional Bible apps do you love? Would you add She Reads Truth to your list?

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  1. This is great. I love YouVersion’s Bible app because it offers many of the things you were looking for….minus the desktop images…and everything is 100% free.

    • Thanks, Rachel! I have used the YouVersion app in the past but haven’t in quite a long time. I’ll have to check it out again!

  2. Thanks so much! I read this post and “filed” it in the back of my mind for later. I eventually got around to downloading the app and promptly forgot about it again till about a week ago. I have used it several times now and I really like it! Thanks so much for the recommendation as I had been hoping to find something like this!

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