This handprint turkey craft is not only fun for Thanksgving but it’s a perfect way to preserve your children’s handprints (because my grandma was right– they grow up WAY too fast!)

I found the original inspiration for this craft on Pinterest.

Knowing how Leah, who is three, likes to paint and get her hands messy I thought this would be the perfect combination of the two as far as a craft is concerned :) Isn’t he cute?

Thanksgiving easy handprint turkey craft

What you need:

Red, orange, white and brown construction paper
White cardstock (our paint soaked through regular paper on the first try)
Googly eyes
Paint in various colors–we used red, orange, and yellow

What to do:

Paint your child’s hand with a thin layer of one paint color at a time and then “stamp” their hand on the piece of cardstock, making a fan pattern (i.e. turkey feathers). We didn’t have brown or green tempera paint at the moment, so we mixed other paints to make fall-ish shades of color.

Cut out a round turkey body with brown paper, a smaller head with white paper and glue them to the feathers after they have dried. Add some googly eyes, a beak, a giblet and feet. Super cute!

We cut the turkeys away from the rest of the cardstock because I underestimated the size of my kiddos’ hands! Then we glued the little guys onto brown construction paper and hung them up on the fridge for Thankgiving viewing by the relatives :)

I wrote Leah’s name and the year on the bottom so we could keep this for future fall decorating and to remember what her little hands were like when she was 3!

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  1. Super cute! I love doing hand print crafts. In fact, we made a turkey using hand prints this week as well! :)

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