The excitement in the room was contagious. Students, coaches and parents chattered nervously as everyone waited for the awards ceremony to begin. 

Then one by one, each category’s finalists were called to the stage and the countdown began: from ninth place to first place, the state champion in each event.

So was the flurry of activity I was caught up in this past weekend during our state competitive speech meet. I have been privileged to coach (along with two other ladies) a team of students from a local public high school for the past two years. Last year at this time I was having my sweet baby boy, so I was thrilled to be able to go with the team to this year’s tournament! 

The lovely ladies I coach with–we’d been up since 5:45 am!

For these high school students (and their coaches!), this tournament is a culmination of months, even years of hard work, long practices and early morning risings for Saturday competitions. For those who are fortunate to be in the final rounds, this is truly a glorious moment!

As we waited in anticipation for the awards, I reminisced about my past victory as a state champion in this competition. The excitement of standing on a stage, the amazement of having my name announced as the winner and the thrill of being given a shiny gold plaque to hold. Receiving the hugs, congratulations and praise of teammates, coaches and other competitors as I accepted my award. Looking forward to surprising my parents with the good news (almost no one had their own cell phone back in 1999!). It was, to me, my moment of fame.

The years have come and gone since that day and other champions have been crowned. The pride that I took in that day has been replaced by an understanding that my fame was temporary, something that will pass away. Yes, it was a fantastic moment and part of God’s plan for my life, as my experience in speech was a springboard for many good things. 

But there is something more important than even those experiences: that which is unseen, that which is of eternal importance. 

2 Corinthians 4:18 tells us that we must “look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Both the trials and triumphs of this life are temporal, concerned with the present life and this world. What we sometimes cannot see is the eternal glory and joy awaiting us that far exceeds even the most exciting moments of life on earth! 

What are the things that last? Growing in our faith while giving Scripture a primary place in our home. Teaching our children about what it means to love the Lord. Praying for them to have personal fellowship with God. Helping them understand that obeying us teaches them to listen for the voice of the Lord. Cherishing our spouse and children. Reaching out to the orphans and widows. Encouraging the high school students I coach, especially those who have a difficult life, and sharing the truth that Jesus’ sacrifice was for them. 

In all things, laying a foundation that will make an eternal difference. 

Our state team

Two of our students placed in the final rounds last Saturday, another received a superior medal and the rest had great preliminary scores! A lovely young lady on my team received 2nd place in the same category that was so special to me thirteen years ago–an exciting day to say the least! And still, the years will pass, more champions will be named and our lives will be filled with other events and accomplishments. 

Temporary fame, in whatever form it comes, will fade away, but the triumphs which may be unseen until the day of glory are what matter for eternity.

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