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diy essential oil respiratory relief blend

DIY Respiratory Relief Essential Oil Blend

We held out so long, I thought we were in the clear. But then it hit us. An “upper respiratory infection” that, while it wasn’t quite influenza, had many of the same symptoms and discomforts. It cycled its way through all six of us in our family, putting us in close company with coughing, sneezing, […] Read more…

autumn pear bread--a delicious fall baked treat

Autumn Pear Bread

Make the most of your ripe pears by baking this delicious Autumn Pear Bread Recipe!  Ever wondered what to do with ripe pears (besides make them into baby food?) You can make some Autumn Pear Bread! My aunt Brenda gave me this wonderful recipe and in my usual style I changed some ingredients to try […] Read more…