Chores and kids, a brand new series that will help you reboot chore time by giving you fresh ideas for getting your kids to help at home without unrealistic expectations or (too much) complaining!

Chores and Kids – A New Series!

When it comes to kids and chores, there are typically two schools of thought. One is that we should “let kids be kids” and not make them help us because it will ruin their childhood. Another is that we should teach our kids responsibility and nurture their character as they grow up in our home and […] Read more…

Is our home a haven for our children? Somewhere they will always feel valued, safe and loved? Here are some ways we can create a warm and encouraging environment for our kids!

How to Make Your Home a Haven for Your Children

As I was returning home from an errand a couple of days ago, I glanced out my car windows as I rolled slowly down our small town streets. I couldn’t help but notice several high-school age kids walking down the windy street, the guys punching each other on the shoulders, the girls laughing. Knowing some of the situations […] Read more…