So, a few months ago I started a series calledSlowly Becoming Natural: A Step-by-Step, Grace-Filled Approach to a Healthier Life on a Budget“. I got several posts in and then I promptly stopped.

See, I took a four month blogging break to reevaluate the direction my blog and life were going and now I’m slowly getting back into the series and posts I left hanging at that time.

Slowly Becoming Natural: A Step by Step, Grace Filled Approach to a Healthier Life on a Budget

Beginning next week, I’ll be starting up this series again with my recipe for DIY Cloth Diaper Wipe Spray! Also coming up will be the results of an experiment on whether or not witch hazel works as an antiperspirant, the six basic ingredients you need for cleaning your home and the surprising results of oil pulling {among other topics!}

Read my motivation for starting a natural living series {it’s different than you’d expect} and then feel free to catch up on the past posts and join me starting next Wednesday for some new inspiration and small steps you can take to experiencing a healthy life on a budget!

Slowly Becoming Natural: Introduction

I Didn’t Care What I Put on My Skin Until I Learned This

Three Simple Steps to Beginning Your Natural Living Journey

Coming Clean: How to Rid Your Home of Chemicals, One Guilt Free Step at a Time

How to Take a Gentle Detox Bath

Why Would You Ever Brush Your Teeth with Clay?

DIY No-Grate Powdered Laundry Soap Recipe {No Grating Required!}


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