Today I’m guest posting over at day2day joys! I’m talking about decluttering and organizing! Here’s a snippet of the post below. And, speaking of organizing, I’m linking up with Simple Mom for Project Simplify, where we’ll be decluttering four different areas of our homes throughout the month of March. On Friday, I’ll be sharing some before and after pictures of these areas, beginning this Friday with the kids’ toy areas. Hope you’ll join me and visit the link-up as well–I’m sure there will be lots of great inspiration!

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Spring is here (or approaching, where I come from) and decluttering and organizing are on the minds of many, my own included! I love all the organizing tips that I read around the blogosphere but sometimes I get overwhelmed just thinking about getting my house back in order.
I find that it helps me to think things through before I tackle such a feat. I need to plan my projects so I can be organized enough to follow through with my goals. Once I have a strategy in mind and defined reasons behind why I’m doing what I’m doing I find that projects actually get completed!
If I want to have a clean and organized house this spring, there are several things I need to consider and do before I begin! Here is my step-by-step plan to prepare for decluttering and organizing the house.
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