It’s been on my mind for quite some time to find a different way to do devotions in our home. I wrote a post a couple of years ago on how to start family devotions and we’re still using those principles and ideas I shared to this day! 

Since that time, our lives have become even busier. We added one more child and our older two are now doing school and getting involved in outside activities as well. During the winter and spring, I coach a local speech team. My husband has two churches. So with even more hectic days and a baby who keeps us on our toes {in a good way} and a busy 3 year old, this time in our lives calls for a very simple method for doing devotions.


Simple doesn’t mean that it’s “easy” or “not profitable.” Rather, it’s a consistent, basic routine for devotions that is done in the same manner each day. Everyone knows what to expect, so it fits nicely into our lives. 

{Meanwhile, the rest of our day? Not as routine as it should be. I’m still getting back into the swing of things and finding out how our schedule can best work with the addition of baby Lydia! Maybe I’ll write a post on THAT someday–if I ever get it figured out! ;) }

So here it is. What I like to call the simplest method for doing devotions with young children.

Reading the Psalms and Proverbs.

  1. Gather the family at the breakfast table each morning, at least 45 minutes before you want to begin your day’s routine, whether that involves school or just daily life.
  2. Pull out your Bible and have the kids do so too. My 3 year old just likes to hold a Bible or a devotional book and he loves to be a part of it!
  3. From here, you can take devotions in two directions: Read one Proverb each day or Read one Psalm each day. You can split the psalms into two parts if it is a longer one (Psalm 119 would be an example).
  4. Let any children who can read join in as well, read it together in tandem or have one person read out loud the entire passage.
  5. Discuss! Sometimes we like to focus on one or two verses of the Proverb and say “what does it mean when it says….” or “what can we learn about wisdom from this verse?”, etc.

A couple of things to note:

Be prepared by writing out which Psalm you’ll do on which day. For Proverbs, this is easier, since there are 31 of them, so you can read one each day of most months! 

Look ahead and read them yourself before reading them with your kids. There are a few verses in certain Proverbs that might be a bit mature for younger children, so you can choose beforehand how to handle those topics :)

When you get done with your chosen book of the Bible, repeat! Or switch to the other one and so on. Over time, as you go through these passages over and over again throughout the year, you will see a variety of truths that jump out at you from Scripture. That’s the beauty of God’s Word–there is always something to learn and notice!

How do you make time to do devotions with your kids, especially when they’re young and life is crazy? Feel free to share in the comments! :)

Sometimes doing devotions with your kids when they're young can be tough! But there is a simple method that you can easily implement in your home to teach the Bible to even the youngest child! Have you done this?


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