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I have always had a hard time finding TIME with Jesus, with being a momma and a wife, a homemaker and everything other hat I put on, as all of us women do. With clothes to wash, supper to get on the table, and little voices needing me, I can lose out on my quiet.So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom~ Psalm 90:12 

When I finally do get them to bed, clean house, and do what is needed for the next day, its all I can do someday’s to crawl to the bed. I run non-stop to nurture, love, devote, help, clean, keep, and give. That is just one day in the life of a mom, and its hard.

With children, the season of finding that sacred time with Him can be difficult to come by, and when I do get that time, I just want to cry out to Him because I am weary. 

A storm hit our family a couple months back, and I was blind sided by the trials that came with it. I didn’t know what to do, and as my flesh tried to fight it, I finally threw my hands up to Him. I constantly have to remind myself  “Ashley, you can do NOTHING without Him. He will fix and heal this problem. All you need to do is be still.” I’d be rich if I had a quarter of how many times I’ve had to stop what I was doing and tell myself that. Because, I am stubborn and my flesh likes to raise up and be first, before anything else.

The storm taught me a gold lesson- Nothing comes before Jesus. Nothing. 

That trial demonstrated and uncovered something to me that I needed all along, really putting my time to use. 

Not just when the babies go to bed, or when I get 5 minutes to myself. I’m talking about REALLY evaluating my time. Seeing what I could cut out and what I can do without.

Can I explain friends? I am talking about guarding our heart and our eyes with the things of the world and getting back to the basics with Jesus. Giving up that time on Facebook to grab that Bible. Getting off our phones to get quiet and pray. Turning off the TV to have a family devotional. Is it hard, OH yes. But I realized I DO have time to pray, get my priories right, and make Him number one. That time may come late at night or early in the morning, but there is time. 

I’ve had to take a hard look at myself and my life in the past couple weeks. Sometimes our spiritual lives need cleaning, rearranging, just like our houses. We need to look in the deep, hard to reach places to see if we are spending our time like we should. If we are focusing on the journey with Jesus, instead of being distracted. Our hearts need to be filled with Him. As often as we can, above anything else. 

When that trial came to our family, I realized just how far I had gotten off track with my walk with the Lord. It happens to everybody, and we can be forgiven. Instantly, because He loves us. 

I fail, mess up, and struggle everyday, but I am here to uplift you, sweet sister, and ask this of you like I did myself, how is your spiritual house today? Does it need a deep clean? Do you need to evaluate your time? Do you need encouragement today? I am here to tell you that you are doing an amazing job being you and with all your hats you put on in your life. That your beautiful, and God loves you. Your time is precious, just like you.


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20 Comments on Silence with Jesus

  1. What a blessing! Thank you!
    Also, Jenn and Ashley, as we follow along with Jesus’ last week before going to His Father, I am so thankful we don’t get what we deserve! It is all for His namesake and ultimate glory! Oh, what a wonderful Savior we have! May you have a blessed Resurrection celebration with your loved ones!

  2. I had a sense that my house was falling apart and I was entirely way too distracted by facebook and other mindless things. I could tell by how I was responding to my kids–I answered in anger and loudly–not much help really and always made the situation worse… I haven’t been spending time with the Lord and I know I must and that truly that is what I want the most–my peace and comfort come from Him. Thank you for your encouraging words. They have blessed my heart.

  3. Love this post. I have an hour in the morning devoted to nothing but time with God and have traded evening family tv time to family devotions instead. Since doing this there has been such a peace in the house.

  4. You simply have such beautiful words, Ashley, and we’re blessed to have you share them with us. There is always time to sit with Him, no matter how busy we are. It’s just so easy to be otherwise distracted, isn’t it. I battle that issue daily, but man, there’s nothing as powerful as when I walk to the computer and close it down.

    Thank you, darlin’, for the encouragement! xo

  5. Amen!!! I have been there and a couple months ago I made the decision to intentionally pray, spend time with him and boy does it take a lot of disipline. This post was wrapped in grace and full of love. Such a gentle and real spirit you have!!! Much love sis!

  6. Ashley, I remember a Pastor said once, we always make time for what we value…”people do what they want to do”. So important to want to spend time with the One who always has time for us! I love the idea that we can re-arrange our houses and our spiritual priorities! My Friend, this is a wonderful reminder- great post!

  7. Ashley,why is it that when I wake up the first thing I think about is social media?? Isn’t that just pure junk?? Now I’m regretting “wasting” all that time when I was single and could have really devoted myself to learning God’s Word. But I’m doing the same thing by spending too much time on my phone especially. With the hours I spend breastfeeding everyday, I could pray for everyone in the world! :-) I so needed to read this today! Thank you!

  8. Beautifully well said! amen and amen Ashley, love your heart sweet sister! this was very encouraging. What a great reminder.

    God Bless you!

  9. Amen Ashley! It at times takes a trial to bring us to a standstill and to our knees and re-evaluate what is important. If we don’t listen to what Jesus is trying to tell us, He’ll take a 2×4 and get our attention. Those boards sure hurt!!

    *hugs* dear friend!

  10. This is such a wonderful and timely reminder that we need to prioritize our silence time with Jesus. Thanks Ashley. Beautiful post. I am also following this blog.

  11. Absolutely beautiful post! An inspiration to abide in Him no matter how our lives unfold… It is critical to our faith. Thank you for these wise words! :)

  12. Thanks for the reminder Ashley. When my boys were toddlers my knee stopped working right and physical therapy one hour a day taught me to walk again. I had to continue the exercises at home and God gently told me my exercise time was to be spent meditating on him. The result was I got back on my feet spiritually. That was my turning point. John 15 became my life chapter. You are so right- our time is precious because we are precious.

  13. The things that we do find time for are the things that we are prioritizing. Loved this post, Ashley, it’s a great reminder that when we’re saying ‘I just don’t have time’ what we’re really saying is ‘I won’t make time.’

  14. Great post Ashley! And a timely reminder as I am in the midst of some Spiritual House Cleaning myself : ) Bless you!

  15. Ashley, thanks so much for writing this. It doesn’t seem to matter what season of life we’re in, it can be difficult to find time for Him. Isn’t that nuts?! Thanks for bringing attention to the importance of spending time with the Giver-of-Life!
    Blessings and love ~ Mary

  16. Thank you Ashley! A beautifully written reminder – just what I needed to hear in this busy season with a new little one.Jenn, I love that you and Ashley have partnered up! You both share such encouragement!

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