Download these free printable children’s sermon notes to help your child remember what is being taught and learn Biblical truth while taking worship notes during the service!

My four children sat with me during our Sunday worship services from a very early age. Don’t get me wrong, we often made use of the nursery!

Yet now that my children are getting older, I wanted a way to encourage them to pay attention during the service and engage their hearts and minds so they could hide the good news of Jesus in their hearts.

It is important to my husband and I that our kids understand the value of participating in the church service each week. Our church has a family worship style, meaning everyone is together (no separate children’s church). We do have a nursery, but all children over the age of three sit with us in the adult service.

Children’s sermon notes weren’t a “thing” when I was little. So I thought that having them for my own children would be a great way to help them focus on Sunday mornings and learn from God’s word through the sermon that was preached.

Now I’m sharing these free printable sermon notes with you!

free printable kid's sermon notes

Free Printable Sermon Notes for Little Kids and Big Kids

There are two different pages that I have for you.

The first one is for younger children. I’d recommend you use these once your children can write fairly confidently with help.

My daughter felt confident in the later part of first grade but every child is different! And she definitely is a more fluent writer now as an 8 yr old so this younger kids’ sermon notes version fits her perfectly.

It includes spaces to write/draw some main ideas:

  • favorite song
  • Bible passage
  • the name of the pastor or speaker
  • today I learned
  • my drawing on the sermon (or a few words)
  • My God is… a spot to write down something she learned about God

The second version is for older kids. I find that kids ages 10 and above benefit most from this sermon notes page.

It includes sections to take good notes on:

  • Scripture references from the sermon
  • what was learned from the sermon (spoke to my heart)
  • how to apply what was learned
  • prayer requests
  • “God is my….” section to fill in an attribute of God that was learned through the preaching

The Benefits of Having Your Kids Take Sermon Notes

Keeping a sermon notebook helps encourage your child’s personal relationship with the Lord. It connects truth to action and deepens their understanding of what they’re hearing, even at a young age.

What I love about these kids’ sermon notes is seeing the different perspectives that your children have about what they’ve learned in the Sunday sermon.

They’re a simple and fun activity to help kids engage with what is happening during the service.

Sermon notes are also a great tool that gives you as a parent the opportunity to ask your child some simple questions about the sermon or use them as a family to talk about what you’ve learned once you get home!

It’s a simple way for you to connect with your kids about how God’s Word applies to their lives.

You can lead by example as a parent: take your own sermon notes by keeping a spiral notebook with you during church and jotting down what you’ve learned.

How to Use the Kids’ Sermon Notes Printable

  • Print them out at home depending on the age of your children. You may find it helpful to print several copies at once and put the in a three-ring binder or on a clipboard for them to take along to church.
  • Before you use the notes for the first time, show your children the printable so you can explain how to use sermon notes.
  • Ask your children’s ministry team if they’d like to make copies for your whole congregation and hand them out alongside your church bulletin each week.
  • You can be flexible with both of these sets of notes. They don’t have to be used every week, even once a month is great to keep it fresh!
  • For age reference, my 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter like using these notes. Sometimes they like to draw on the back of the page :)
  • They work best for a regular church service but you could also try them if you have children’s church, depending on how that is set up.
  • As a way to display them, you could punch holes and put them in a three-ring binder to keep as a memory or lessons to look back on. Sometimes one of my kids will say “remember when that pastor talked about……” and it’s fun to be able to find the notes for that particular Sunday. I know that I still look back on sermon notes I took as a college student.

Sermon Notes for Little Kids and Big Kids Printable

Because they don’t use a lot of ink, you can print and copy them multiple times.

You can access the instant download (PDF file) by clicking here. Save it to your device and then print it right at home.

May God bless you as you teach your children the love of God and His truth!

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