Make Bible study a daily habit this coming year by starting a Scripture writing plan!

What is a Scripture writing plan?

Scripture writing is a unique way of studying the Bible that helps you grow and flourish in your faith by writing out God’s Word.

It doesn’t have to be complicated! It’s simply writing out verses of Scripture in a journal or notebook to reflect on and grow your faith.

The way I like to do it is by journaling one or two verses each day on a different topic each month. You can create your own Scripture writing plan or purchase one that’s already been written!

  1. It helps you focus on the Word in smaller pieces, making learning the Bible less overwhelming
  2. It puts Scripture in front of you in a very tangible way
  3. It gives you the chance to study the Bible even when you’re busy


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3 Quick Tips for Starting a Scripture Writing Plan

1) Decide on a Scripture writing plan by topic or by book of the Bible.

Topic examples might be love, joy, character qualities of God, motherhood, marriage, faithfulness, and more.

Books of the Bible that are great for Scripture writing plans are books like Psalms, Proverbs and the gospels because it’s easy to break them up into two or three verse “chunks” of text. 

2) Find a journal to use.

You can use something as simple as a 50 cent spiral notebook from Walmart to a fancy blank journal. Keep your Scripture writing journal in your Bible study basket!

3) Pick a time of day to do your Scripture writing plan and stick to it. 

To pick a good time of day for your Bible study, you’ll need to evaluate a typical day in your home. When I had young kids, it was honestly easiest for me to do devotions in the evening (we had a pretty early bedtime for our kids). Now that they’re older and in school during the day, mid-morning has been a great time for me to dig into God’s Word.

Much of sticking to your goal of Bible reading is using different tactics to help you make the deliberate decision to do your writing plan each day. 

If you need help developing a daily devotional habit, try taking our 5 Days to a Stronger Devotional Life mini eCourse (delivered straight to your email inbox).

This mini eCourse is free and helps you identify the hang-ups that keep you from having a strong devotional life and find practical ways to overcome them!

You can subscribe to the eCourse HERE.

Want to (Immediately) Start a Monthly Scripture Writing Plan in 2022?

I’ve made it easy for you! I’ve created a simple, straightforward monthly Scripture writing plan: Write Through the Word!

Each month’s writing plan is a journey through a Biblical theme and gives you one to three verses to write down each day.

Through a printable journaling page that includes prompts and questions, you’ll be guided to a deeper understanding of how the daily verse applies to your life and what it teaches you about God.

I’ve also created a sermon notes page and a prayer list that you can easily copy and use over and over to deepen your faith!

Just grab a simple three-ring binder, print the calendars and extras, and get started immediately. 

**As a bonus, Write Through the Word also includes sermon notes, prayer list, and a journaling page for children so you can write through God’s Word together with your family!

My heart in creating this was to minister to moms and women who want to be intentional about growing in their faith but feel like the overwhelm keeps them from developing a better devotional life.

Are you that kind of mom? :) If so, Write Through the Word was created for you!

This year’s theme is Biblical Motherhood. Take a look inside Write Through the Word so you can take the guesswork out of creating a Scripture writing plan and immediately get started doing this life-changing daily spiritual habit.


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