I’m always on the look out for great blogging advice. After all, I’m just getting started with this whole “yes-I’m-serious-about-blogging” thing, so I need all the help I can get! I recently read “Blogger Behave” by Laura Booz and I truly enjoyed it!

Laura’s advice was enlightening for new-ish bloggers like myself and challenging for experienced bloggers who need a fresh look (or a kick in the pants) regarding purpose and balance in blogging. What she writes is especially relevant to us in a day and age when we are constantly bombarded by social media opportunities and need what Laura calls “hidden cop cars” on our blogging road trip.

Laura is encouraging, humorous and tenderhearted, writing in a pleasant narrative style mixed with plenty of practical advice. She takes the time to open up and share how she’s learned (and improved) from her own experiences.

She brought up many things I’d never thought of before in reference to my blog. She challenged me to think about how blogging can benefit my life without taking it over, how to include my family in my blogging adventures and how to be open and honest with my readers without being preachy. 

I definitely have a much better handle on how to balance my blog life with my real life after reading this book. I’d recommend Blogger Behave to anyone desiring to blog with purpose without losing your mind or time with your family!

You can buy Blogger Behave through this link or at Amazon.com, available as a Kindle download.


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  1. How delightful! Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy that Blogger Behaved helped you in some way. May you be full of creativity and faithfulness!

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