We held out so long, I thought we were in the clear. But then it hit us. An “upper respiratory infection” that, while it wasn’t quite influenza, had many of the same symptoms and discomforts.

It cycled its way through all six of us in our family, putting us in close company with coughing, sneezing, sniffles, headaches, low-grade fevers and restless sleep. As I sit here writing this post, I’m still battling a bit with sinus pressure and a stuffy nose and my 6 year old is on the tail end of his infection as well.

Even though spring seems like it could be within reach, it’s still possible for virus to work their way through our schools, churches and families. So what can we do to help relieve our symptoms while these viruses run their course?

I decided to look for some natural relief along with nightly Theraflu drink to help myself feel better and hopefully help my family too. We use essential oils often and though we don’t believe they are a cure-all, they are very beneficial for our immune systems and overall health.

Here is my recipe for Essential Oil Respiratory Relief Blend! I’ve been diffusing it for the past few days and it’s been so helpful for relieving some of the symptoms of viral illness: calming cough, releasing sinus pressure and relieving stuffiness.

This oil blend helps your immune system do its job in a better way. Eucalyptus is excellent for respiratory health, peppermint helps alleviate fatigue (plus it clears out your sinuses nicely!), frankincense is an all-around therapeutic oil as well as an expectorant for coughs, and orange is simply a mood-brightening oil that helps enhance the scent of this blend (because some people don’t like the smell of frankincense, me being one of them!).

We buy our oils from Rocky Mountain Oils because of their commitment to quality and safe use of oils, and also because their prices are so reasonable, so I’ve included links to these oils.

If you purchase some, as an affiliate I do receive a small amount of the sale, but it does not cost you any extra to purchase through my links!

Respiratory Relief Essential Oil Blend

5 drops eucalyptus** (eucalyptus radiata is considered the most potent for therapeutic use, eucalyptus citriodora can also be used effectively)

3 drops peppermint

6 drops frankincense 

4 drops orange  or lemon

Combine these oils in a diffuser:

Spring Diffuser – this is a larger size diffuser for medium/large size rooms

Droplet Diffuser – great for at a desk or in a vehicle

Mist Diffuser – good for smaller rooms, like bedrooms or bathrooms

One thing to know about diffusers is that there are different sizes. This blend is based on a 400ml diffuser (one for medium/large rooms). If the effect is overpowering, just cut back by one drop each. In a droplet diffuser, you may only need half this recipe!

**Eucalyptus is not recommended for children under 10 due to a chemical it contains called cineole, that can cause respiratory distress in young children. Instead, use Spruce or Fir.

I hope this blend is as helpful to you as it is to my family!

Visit Rocky Mountain Oils to purchase essential oils!




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