I am very excited to be bringing you a giveaway of Redmond Trading Company’s Bath Salt Plus!

Redmond Bath Salt Plus

I use Redmond Bath Salts to take gentle detox baths. To give you the best explanation of what Redmond bath salts are, here is an excerpt from their website…

In Redmond™ Bath Salt you will find an abundance of trace minerals that can help restore mineral-deficient bodies back to good health. Through osmosis, toxins are released from the body into the bath water, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin.

Redmond Salt is a completely natural, unrefined mineral sea salt.Basically,the Redmond Bath Salts will bind to the toxins in your body, gently “extracting” them through your skin. It helps clean your body out so that you can jump start your system as you start to live healthier!

Besides using them for detoxing, the bath salts are wonderful for treating sore, achy muscles and just for taking a relaxing soak so you can sleep better. They are safe for kids as well, as long as you use them in small amounts.

Just so you know, on the Redmond Bath Salt website, you can find both regular Bath Salts and Bath Salt Plus. Basically the difference comes down to the concentration of minerals, the Bath Salt Plus having a higher concentration of the minerals which are naturally present in the salt. 

You can purchase Redmond Bath Salt and Bath Salt Plus online! A 7lb bucket retails for $19.99.

Would you like to win a 7 lb bucket of Redmond Bath Salt Plus? Just enter in the Rafflecopter below!

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