Do something different this year with a meaningful celebration

Mother’s Day is always a special day to look forward to for mothers, as their husbands and children come together and create crafts or paper flowers to give to them on their special day. It’s the one day of the year that’s dedicated to making moms feel loved and appreciated, but recently, people have begun to make the day about more than just moms, but about motherhood as well.

Across the globe, many different NGOs and corporations have begun organizing events that celebrate what it means to be a mother. Every year, Women in Super organize the Mother’s Day Classic, a fun run dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness for breast cancer in their community.


The Charity Guild, Inc. also organizes a yearly community activity in selected schools, where they sell products that mothers would like so children can surprise the special women in their lives. All proceeds go to maintaining the charity work that the Guild does in the local community.

Oxfam also teams up with retail giant M&S to bring awareness to their “Love, Mum” shopping campaign, where they encourage families to donate old clothes to local stores so they can be recycled or resold in order to raise money for mothers living in third-world countries. This year’s campaign, in particular, is seeking to get used baby clothes so they can be given to expecting mothers in order to help them care for their children.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) organizes “A Global Mother’s Day”, which lets sons and daughters from all over the world help nourish starving children, either through purchasing gifts online, donating money on behalf of their mom, or even helping to pack food and goodie bags for children.

This Mother’s Day, instead of falling back on old traditions and having a picnic or a family dinner, do something more purposeful and fulfilling! Make Mother’s Day meaningful by helping moms around the world!


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