Today, I’m very pleased to guest-post at Raising Mighty Arrows! I’m sharing how, as a pastor’s wife, I have become a protector of my husband’s day off. Here is an excerpt from the post:

I once heard the phrase, “A pastor never has a day off.” And in some ways this can be true. My pastor husband is on call at all times, has a random, unique work schedule, and is always discovering new and wonderful opportunities for ministry. But I am a firm believer that a pastor should have one full day off each week and that those of us who are minister’s wives should be fierce protectors of our husband’s day of rest. How can we do this without being overbearing and bossy?

 You can read the rest of the post at Raising Mighty Arrows.

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4 Comments on Protecting Your Husband’s Day Off – Guest Post

  1. Hello Jenn!

    I read this at Raising Mighty Arrows. I’m also a pastor’s wife, and my husband takes Mondays “off.” :) How do your little ones do on that day? We’ve had some good days off, but we’re often worn out by the time the day is done and over with. I’m always looking for ways to make it a better, more relaxing day for all of us.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Amy! When my husband is home, my kiddos are definitely excited! Our youngest is 10 months, so he isn’t much trouble ;) but the older two can get sort-of crazy and demand his attention. We try to do things outdoors if possible. Gets the kids’ energy out and my husband likes yard work. If we can, we find something free to do, like a play area in the mall or a park in summer. I don’t know if that’s really “relaxing” but it’s unstructured which is great for me.

      In the winter, we’ve found that Kirk’s day off is a good time to read some books with the kids, work on a craft project together and listen to some music. A focused, quieter activity that they can do with dad helps. Of course, activity is often present in a busy house when kids are small so I’m trying to embrace it–ha!

      Hope that helps, thank you for commenting and asking a great question.

    • Thanks Jenn!

      We like it outside too…Spring is just around the corner, so that should help quite a bit. :)

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