The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character


I want to share with you some tools I have found to be helpful as well as the important truths my husband and I have learned about intentionally teaching our children godly character, even when we’re busy! So I created this eBook just for you! Inside you can find tons of spiritual and practical help, as well as printable character cards, in The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character!

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This is for all the busy mommas….you know the ones. Tired, overwhelmed, juggling plates; knowing what they should be doing to teach and guide their little ones in character and wisdom, but yet not always sure how to make it happen.

Is it possible to thrive and not just survive during the challenging moments of motherhood that bring you to your knees?

Yes, it is. I truly believe it! And it isn’t as overwhelming as we think.

The goal in The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character is to help you identify what it really means to teach your children character, find the stumbling blocks that may be holding you back from doing so effectively and give you practical tips on how to maximize your busy days and successfully work your way through some of the “teachable moments” that you encounter while raising a family.

My prayer is that this short guide will be a challenging and also encouraging time as we women reflect on this essential part of our mothering journey and embrace what God wants to teach us in this process as well!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Right and Wrong Motivations for Teaching Character {What Does It Mean to Teach Character in Our Children?}

Chapter 2: Laying the Groundwork for Effective Teaching {Strengthening Your Spiritual Life so You Can Help Your Kids}

Chapter 3: Teaching Character When You’re Busy: Making the Most of Your Time

Chapter 4: Practical Advice for Character Building Moments

Chapter 5: 25 Biblical Resources for Teaching Character

BONUS: Printable Scripture “Character” Cards

Grab your digital copy today!

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