Let’s be real: Sibling relationships can be tough!

And trying to help our kids develop a strong, loving bond with their brothers and sisters can seem like an exercise in futility!

As Christian moms, we want our kids to respond with grace and love to their brothers or sisters when they feel wronged or frustrated.We want them to have fun and laugh together too!

My four children (two boys, ages 13 and 7, and two girls, ages 10 and 5) all have really different personalities so they clash often.

But I firmly believe that teaching our kids to love and care for each other doesn’t have to feel like a losing battle.

My husband and I have made it a goal this year to work with our kiddos on exchanging critical words for more kindness and compliments!

If your goal is the same, there’s a simple way you can get started!

The Simple Activity that will Remind Your Kids to Speak with Kindness to their Siblings

One fun activity we are trying is to use some “compliment cards” I created to help my children cultivate the habit of saying kind and loving words to their siblings.

I’ve created them for you to use too! These Sibling Compliment Cards have six “prompts” to help your kids think in a Christ-centered way about their brother or sister.

Please enjoy six FREE Sibling Compliment Cards to use with your kids! They would be a great activity during the month of February, especially, to focus on the Biblical virtue of loving one another :)

—> Scroll to the end of this post to download your copy. But first….

Imagine if your children had a stronger, more loving relationship with their siblings, guided by God’s Word and practical tools that really help!

teach siblings to love each other

The “Love One Another Sibling Challenge” is a printable workbook that guides your kids in creating stronger sibling bonds.

Do you want your children to form a habit of saying kind and loving words to their siblings? You’ll need to teach them how!

Do you want your kids to enjoy spending time together? Then you’ll want to work on finding fun ways for them to connect!

Do you want your kids to pray for each other? God’s Word can teach them how!

The Love One Another Sibling Challenge printable workbook includes:

  • Prayer Cards for your kids to write out prayers for each other
  • Random Acts of Kindness Cards with ideas to bless each other (or mom and dad!)
  • Random Acts of Kindness checklist, to do for others (a great bonding activity!)
  • Checklist of “Sibling Compliments” to form a practice of speaking with love
  • Compliment Cards
  • “Bible Verses for Brothers and Sisters” Jar Activity
  • 12 Bible Verses for Brothers and Sisters Printable Cards
  • 4 Biblical Devotions for Siblings (two for older kids, two for younger kids)
  • 15 Question “Get to Know Your Sibling” Quiz
  • Words Like Toothpaste Object Lesson (to teach kids how their words impact their family)
  • Cheatsheet for Helping Your Kids Handle Sibling Conflict (with suggestions for specific situations)

Make a copy for each of your children!

**Recommended for kids ages 4 and up!!**

Encourage stronger, kinder and more loving sibling relationships between your children!

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