This fall, some children will return to in-person school for the first time since the Covid pandemic began. Although my own children were in school full time last year, I have many friends who had different experiences! 

As we go back to school this fall, there are still some frustrations and uncertainties that we’re all dealing with as moms. 

Maybe you’re frustrated because your child has to wear a mask all day. Perhaps you’re a little uncertain if your child will even make it all the way through the year or if they will have to quarantine or stay home at some point. Or, you may be concerned about your child’s health for a variety of reasons.

I wanted to share with you a back to school prayer guide I created that you can use to pray for your child at school during the pandemic. 

prayer for back to school during covid

Prayer Guide for Back to School During Covid

On this free PDF download (see link below), you’ll find ideas for lifting up a few different situations in prayer that are unique to this time. 

  • Prayer for teachers during Covid
  • Prayer for administrators and leaders
  • Prayer for students 
  • Prayer for parents 
  • Prayer for church and community

Hopefully these prayers for returning to school will be helpful to you and your family as you navigate your unique situation!

back to School prayer during covid

Click HERE download the PDF of the prayers. Please feel free to share it with others!


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