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I was thinking the other night that I can’t believe I’ve blogged for four years without sharing with you our favorite Scripture memory music albums for kids!

I really think putting Bible verses to music is the best way to learn them and help them stay in your heart and mind. Think about how many songs are stuck in your head from childhood (or from your teenage years) and how the repetition of phrases put to a catchy melody impresses the words into your mind for a very long time.

We’ve been enjoying Scripture music and using it to hide God’s Word in our hearts since my first-born was just a year old. Here are our five very favorite albums! (Plus some others we have yet to listen to but come highly recommended!)

the big list of scripture music for kids

Side Note: The links for each album take you to Amazon for purchase. Amazon prices change frequently so check before you buy!


My Heart, Your Home: Scripture Songs for Children

This album was created by the Wissmann Family, who is famous for their traveling music program. They play their instruments beautifully and have delightful voices. The young men and women who sing on the CD range in ages from 4 to 18. Their voices aren’t annoying at ALL like some children’s song CDs, in fact they are beautifully tuned and harmonize well. (Check out my full review of this music!)

Price: $8.99-$15 depending on format

$8.99 MP3 Downloadable Version

$15 CD Version

Hide Em in Your Heart Vol. 1 & 2

These classic Scripture music albums by Steve Green  have been a favorite since my 9 year old was still a toddler. The tunes and words really stick in your head and help your kids learn some unique verses of Scripture in a fun way.

CD Version

Find it on iTunes:

Hide ‘Em In Your Heart, Vol. 1 – Steve Green

Hide ‘Em In Your Heart, Vol. 2 – Steve Green

hidden in my heart Scripture lullabies

Hidden in My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture

I was first introduced to this music about three years ago and we have really enjoyed the soothing melodies put to the words of many different Bible verses. It’s great for nighttime but really it’s approriate to listen to at any time of day. I as an adult enjoy them as well, so you can listen to them with your kids or just on your own and you’ll enjoy them both ways! There are four different albums so far.

seeds worship music

Seeds Worship Music

We love, love, love these Scripture music albums. They are incredibly upbeat and encouraging, with a mix of peppy and soft music to suit many listening styles. Seeds of Purpose and Seeds of Courage are two of our favorites! Each album is focused around a theme (courage, praise, character, etc). What I especially enjoy about this group is that they include the Bible verse reference as part of the song. They have a new Scripture Lullabies album that was just released!

One great bonus is that anytime you buy a Seeds album, it comes with two CDs: one for you and one to gift to a friend. Their prices are so reasonable so this is an excellent deal!

Find Seeds Worship Music Albums on Amazon

**If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can listen to several Seeds Albums for free through Prime Music! (TRY AMAZON PRIME FREE for 30 days!)

Songs for Saplings

These catchy tunes are really great for younger children, but even my 7 and 9 year old will listen in at times. The melodies are repetitive and simple (but not annoying) and so the Bible verses shared are easily learned with this music.

Songs for Saplings ABC

Songs for Saplings 123

**If you use the Westminster Catechism, the musicians behind Songs for Saplings have made available downloads of songs that teach key elements from the catechism.

**Carisa from 1+1+1=1 has a downloadable Bible verse printable pack that goes along with Songs for Saplings ABC!


Below are some other Scripture albums that we haven’t yet listened to but have been recommended to me by various sources. You may want to check them out for yourself!

Fighter Verse Songs – Scripture Music set to the ESV Bible translation

Hermie & Friends Scripture Memory Songs – Right now this CD is only $3 on Amazon!

Entrusted with a Child’s Heart – Scripture Memory Songs

The Rizers – This group has free Scripture song videos you can watch on YouTube!

The Donut Man

Did you know?

God's Word in My Heart - A Scripture Learning Guide with Memory Verses

My downloadable and printable eBook “God’s Word in My Heart: A Scripture Learning Guide with Memory Verses” has a Variety Version, which provides you with Bible verses to commit to memory that match up with Scripture songs? I’ve utilized the music of Seeds, Songs for Saplings and Hide em in Your Heart as a resource that compliments the Scripture memory work and printables contained in my book. Check it out!

Have any other Scripture music suggestions? Feel free to share in the comments!


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9 Comments on Our Favorite Scripture Music for Kids

  1. Thanks for sharing good scripture-music. Another great one my kids love is Patch the Pirate. They have a lot of children’s stories with great Scriptural themes, songs, and Scriptures.

    • Thank you for that suggestion! I know friends who grew up listening to Patch the Pirate, but we’ve never tried it–that will go on our list to try.

  2. Can’t thank you enough for this! My husband and I have been searching the Internet looking for Scripture put to music. I’m a true believer of learning through music – especially for children! Thanks again. This list is an answer to prayer! :)

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