Little J’s feet at one month old!
A few weeks ago, I found out (surprisingly) that we are expecting our fourth baby, due sometime around October 2nd! We’re excited but at the same time, I’m exhausted and very sick.
There’s been a lot going on in our family over the past couple of months, including our basement flooding and broken sewer pipes {in the middle of a super-cold winter where they had to dig up all my strawberries in the backyard to replace the pipes :( }, Little J went to the ER with croup,  and all of the family {except me, praise the Lord!} went through two rounds of viral illness. I’m also coaching competitive speech {very part-time} and taking care of my family and so something had to go. It was a tough choice, but I decided that I will be taking a blogging break until April. 
I may post a couple of reviews in the meantime because I had already promised to do them (they’ll be about some really interesting books!) and there will be two guest posts by my contributors but other than that, I’m on a hiatus. 
Also, the link-up that I co-host with Anna of Feminine Adventures may be undergoing a makeover. It’s been on our minds lately to do a link-up that includes frugal and any other types of posts, in order to encourage others to share. We’d love to have your input on that! Would you like to see a more general link-up or keep it at Thrifty Thursday?
Thanks for your patience and consideration as I take some time to rest, focus on my family, and hopefully feel better when April rolls around. I’d appreciate your prayers!

If you’re new here or are looking for something to read, you can catch up on a few of my most popular posts: Character Cards to Use When Praying with Your Kids {includes free printables!}, Four Ideas for Teaching Scripture to Your Baby or Toddler, and 10 Small But Significant Ways to Save Money.

I’m looking forward to doing a series on Biblically Teaching and Discipling  Our Children in the month of April so I hope you’ll join me! See you soon!
“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

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9 Comments on Our Family is Growing…by Two Feet!

  1. Congratulations, Jenn! Such exciting news!! Hope you are feeling better soon…I am keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Dear Jenn,
    I am so sad to hear that you are ill. I understand that you MUST take care of your family and yourself. Please take every opportunity to rest and restore, but especially stay in the Word, sweet young Mama! That is the most important thing. I will be praying and am now!
    Love in Jesus,

  3. Congratulations! I hope the sickness phase passes soon :) I love Thrifty Thursday! But it would be nice to have something more broad. What about Frugal Family Friday? You would still have the money saving posts,but it would extend into motherhood, parenting, and other related posts?

  4. What joyful news Jenn! What a wonderful blessing. Take care of yourself and your family, no worries, we’ll be around… and as far as the link up, I’d love to see a more widened topic, I always want to link up, but I just don’t write those posts… Enjoy your family!


  5. Cant wait until u r back. Praying u feel better soon. Congratulations on the baby. As for the link up I would prefer a more general one because I do not always have a thrifty post.

  6. Congratulations! It’s always a wonderful “surprise”. Definitely sounds like you need a break. I am a new reader ~ looking forward to more!

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