**Heads up! If you’ve never been here before, I’m a Christian blogger, so this post is written to apply to Christian moms. Thanks for reading!

I am constantly overwhelmed by the mothering advice I see, whether on the internet, in books or elsewhere. How about you? And it’s not that all these tips are incorrect or needless, it’s just that there is such a huge amount of material to sift through that I feel as though I am drowning sometimes.

From the advice on parenting methods to what homeschool curriculum to use, from the insistence that I must cloth diaper and only eat whole foods to the 752 ways I can make sure my child is well-behaved and a contributing member of society, there is such a SLEW of information that makes me question my every decision (and my sanity)!

Seriously, how am I supposed to be  good mom if there’s always something more that I can be doing?

Following all the mom advice out there can be completely overwhelming and exhausting. It makes me want to just throw in the towel sometimes, because I can't do it all? But the good news? There is one thing a great mom does every day--it might surprise you!

I was mentally struggling through this yesterday morning as I rushed to blow dry my hair and put on matching clothes while the 3 year’s eyes were glued to Daniel Tiger and the 16 month old was messily stuffing Cheerios and banana into her mouth in the high chair.

And it dawned on me. 

There’s really only ONE thing a “great mom” does every day.

She prays. And she prays hard.

Woman praying on table

There will always be a new way of doing everything, something recommended by a pediatrician or a naturalist or an educator that will make our kids into the best they can be. A new method “every great mom” will be trying….and succeeding at of course, if they really want to prove themselves worthy.

And while all of these mothering techniques are worthy pursuits, there is one tried and true method that will never change in its effectiveness. The truth that the God that made us and loves us calls us to have fellowship with Him, in prayer, about the very thing we are wondering about–how to raise our children.

This is such a relief for us as believers and should bring us joy and encouragement, especially on the rough days when we are overwhelmed with our responsibilities or think that our work as moms is in vain.

Thankfully prayer doesn’t need to be complicated or done with a certain flair in order to be effective. It just is simply coming to God, whether mentally or physically on our knees, and giving him our confessions, our adoration and our supplications for the day (or the next day, if you tend to do a lot of praying late at night like me!).

So, fellow mom on this journey with me, you ARE a great mother when you are praying over your children. Whether you are praying in short breaths as you change your baby’s diaper or long quiet minutes during the still of the night, God is listening, and answering, in His own will and way.

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10 Comments on The One Thing a Great Mom Does Every Day

  1. Yes! I’ve been so convicted of this lately too. And you know, when you are connected to Jesus, it’s so much easier to let all the opinions and advice you hear just kind of be that…opinions and advice. Not that you don’t hear it and not that you don’t ever heed it, but it makes it easier to weed through it and figure out what YOU should do and not be swayed by doing something just because all sorts of other people are doing it.

    THanks for this reminder!

    • Definitely! That is so true, closeness with the Lord puts things in perspective and then we (hopefully) make our decisions because we are led by God and not just others’ opinions! Thanks, Lydia :)

  2. This is such a great reminder. When I don’t start my day with the Lord and cover my family, home, and our day in prayer, it never goes smoothly. There have been many days when I’m exhausted, weary, and feel defeated by day’s end and it’s because I didn’t rely on the Lord for help and strength.

    I hope I didn’t bombard you with too much homeschool info the other day! ;)

    • Lol, no you didn’t at all! I appreciated the suggestions :) And you are SO right, I often forget to start the day with prayer…or at least one other than “help me not go crazy”. Ha!

  3. Fabulous! We’ve recently been struggling with certain parenting issues (like vaccinations) and sometimes it just feels impossible to do it all right. I go to bed and know for certain that I failed them in one way or another, but Praise the Lord, I can pray! LOL None of us are prefect moms, but God is the perfect Father and he is going to fill in those gaps when I am just not enough. Thanks for the beautiful reminder :)

    • I hear you! There are so many things I could feel guilty about or unsure on–thankful that I can go the Lord in prayer to help me sort those things out :)

  4. This is a great blog post! I frequently pray for the wisdom I need to guide me through the murkiness of all that advice as well!

    • Thanks, Crystal! I agree! I find that I get so overwhelmed by everything out there–including all the fun stuff I’ve pinned on Pinterest :) that I just need to sit back and take a deep breath and know that God’s got it taken care of!

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