The first time I saw the Facebook meme, I burst into tears.

You’ve probably seen it before. The one that says:

“Which one would you choose? A cook, a maid or a chauffeur?”

I’d just had our fourth baby and was drowning in post-partum hormones and the blissful mess that was our life. So, logically, that meme made this overwhelmed mom have an ugly cry (out loud): “Can I have ALL of them?”

Most of us can see in our minds what an organized, manageable, peaceful day would look like. We KNOW what we want. We have a desire and a dream to make more time for what matters.

But when we’re staring the messy house, grumpy kids, grouchy self and crazy schedule in the face, it can seem downright impossible to make this dream a reality.

We can feel paralyzed and defeated. But we don’t want to stay that way.

Because wouldn’t we benefit so much from more joy, peace and focus and less overwhelm? (A rhetorical question, I know) :)

How to get there? Scripture gives us insight into where we begin seeing this desire fulfilled: by seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33). When our eyes are focused on things above (Colossians 3:2), we can make biblical choices about where to focus our energies and time.

I love Proverbs 4:25 which says “Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.” That really brings an important principle into focus: Doing one thing at a time.

Here’s the simple start that will give you a solid footing: Choose the ONE area of life that, when managed well, will have the biggest impact on your family and home.

What’s the biggest need your family has? Joy? Rest? Strength? Drawing near to God? As we walk through our Biblical Balance series, start with that in mind. It will help you stay focused to just pick one thing to work on right now, so that you can begin to see change.

Have a Joyful, More Organized and Nurturing Home, the Way You’ve Always Wanted

You know what you want to see change, but don’t let yourself fall into the trap of having good intentions and then getting stuck because you don’t have the tools to help you follow through!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is here to help (and I promise it WILL make a difference in your daily life as you seek to manage your home, family and time well).

I’ve been a part of the bundle since the beginning (6 years now!) and I know it’s something many of us look forward to every year! And the 2018 bundle (with ALL new resources) is ready to go!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018

(I’m officially an affiliate of the homemaking bundle, which means that at no extra cost to you, I make a small commission if you purchase through any of my links. Thanks so much!)

If you’re new to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, let me tell you a little about what it will help you do:

  • Achieve more peaceful balance (just like we’re talking about in this series!)
  • Nurture your personal devotional time, getting you in the Wordand helping you find a Bible study method that works for you
  • Conquer screen-time battles so you can spend more meaningful time with your kids
  • Stay organized with planners that fit your lifestyle
  • Tackle that “one thing” that you’ve wanted to work on but haven’t had time to figure out how (meal planning, chores, devotional time, balancing work and kids, etc!)
  • And a lot more to help you create a home and life you love.
  • Each resource is hand-picked, and represents the current best-of-the-best when it comes to homemaking + self-care
  • Plus much more AND there are a bunch of fun, physical bonuses that are just the icing on the proverbial cake! ;)

Everything for way less than the cost of an “I didn’t come in here for all of THIS!” Target shopping trip (not that I’d know anything about that!) ;)


This year’s bundle focuses heavily on time-management and organization, from several unique perspectives, which is perfect for the stage of life when we need help figuring out where our focus should be, but we can’t do everything.

But it also helps you with your faith journey, parenting, finances and even a few encouraging marriage resources!


  • So Many Littles, So Little Time by Amy Roberts. ($12 value) I love Amy (a mother of 8!) because she is down-to-earth and practical. In this eBook, she gets straight to the point and gives you specific ideas for creating systems that will help streamline your family life from having good mornings, to successful naptimes, to mealtime tips and Bible time that makes an impact. Especially helpful if you have young kids.
  • Finding Time: Home and Children by Sarah Phillips. ($97 value) A helpful eCourse that really opened my eyes to some truths about how I use my time so inefficiently and actual, practical advice about how to have a more peaceful day, save time shopping, and including my kids in what I do throughout the day. You’ll love listening to Sarah share from her own life experience as a homeschooler with 3 kids who manages a farm.
  • The Essentials: 7 Projects to Sane-ify Your Life from Tsh Oxenreider. ($39 value) A course with workbook that walks you step by step on how to manage 7 key projects (decluttering, daily routines, menu planning, budgeting, clearing clutter, calendar and photos) that give you something tangible to just start DOING. Very much to the point, but also very effective.
  • Clutterfree: Declutter Your Home to Create Space for Joy ($49 value) An 8 week online course that teaches you to understand why you’re holding onto clutter and strategies for eliminating it. It goes through zones of the house to get you motivated and focused to break free from all the stuff. It’s nice to have accountability, so this course would be super helpful if one of your trouble areas is too much stuff (and really, whose isn’t at some point??).
  • Financial Foundation: Everything You Need to Build a Strong Financial Foundation by Jennifer Roskamp ($37 value) This incredible bundle shares money-saving strategies that allowed Jennifer to support her family of 10 on less than $25,000 a year (wow!!).
  • Bullet Journaling Your Way to a More Organized Life by Kalyn Brooke ($17 value) Everything you need to know about starting bullet journaling, if you like a more “freedom oriented” planning tool. I currently use Google Calendar plus a paper weekly planner but I am making it my goal to learn bullet journaling for next year!
  • Freezer to Slow Cooker Meal Plan 3 Month Subscription by Sarah Robinson ($49 value) – Recipes, grocery lists and assembly instructions that you can print and use! Meal plans are delivered to your inbox weekly!
  • Choose Rest: Biblical Self-Care Practices by Gina Poirier ($37 value) – How to apply the idea of a biblical Sabbath rest to your every day life


  • Cooking Camp for Kids
  • Dreams by Design Planner
  • Goal Setting for Greater Purpose & Balance at Home: Gospel Centered. Grace Filled. Goal Oriented.
  • Smart Mom Smart Mornings: A 30-Day Plan to Transform Your Mornings from Chaos to Calm

I love, love this digital bundle and it’s the only resource I dig into every year when I need refreshment, new ideas and specific advice on managing my home, work and family life. Maybe I’m biased because I have a product in it each year (including this year with Write Through the Word!), but it really is the best of everything!


***I love my readers and I’m so thankful for you, so, if you purchase a bundle, along with the bundle and all it’s “regular” bonuses, you’ll get:

FREE Bottle of Essential Oil from Rocky Mountain Oils. Choose between Lemon or Orange (15 ml bottle). This is an exclusive bonus for MY readers who purchase the bundle through my link only–yay!

To redeem this bonus, you’ll need to buy the bundle through this blog post and then submit your information in this secure Google form so I can send your oil: GOOGLE FORM FOR BONUS

There’s no “perfect” way to run a home and our days will still be crazy sometimes. That I know for sure.

But when we can learn and take action with smart strategies and solutions that will save us time and bring more joy to our home and family life, that helps us tackle our days with purpose.

Ready to get your copy of the bundle?


Then don’t forget to fill out the secure Google Form and submit your info for the essential oil bonus (and watch for the style challenge bonus to be emailed with your bundle access)! The form will close once all the oil bottles are redeemed.

Once you purchase, your bundle access information will be delivered via email. Have a great day!

P.S. I had great fun using GIFs this morning!

P.P.S. If you get the bundle but don’t love it (but really, how could you not! :) ), they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! Learn more right here.

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