I’m edging in on week 17 of my fourth pregnancy and along with it has come the realization that I can no longer fit into my regular clothes! This will be my first full summer pregnancy, so I’m on the hunt for maternity clothes that are stylish and also a good bargain.

You can definitely stretch your wardrobe in many ways, but for me there are a few things I must buy maternity, both for comfort and for coverage. This is what I’ll be buying this time around! {If you’re on a tight budget or just like to make use of what you already have, be sure to read to the end of the post!}


A Nice Skirt– Deborah & Co.  makes beautiful maternity skirts in a variety of lengths and styles. They’re a bit on the spendy side {$40-$65} but if you wear the same one with many different shirts and need one for multiple pregnancies, I hear hers last and are of great quality. I just need to get my hands on one myself! An easy alternative is to make your own if you have sewing talent {or have a mother who does, like me!}.

Long, Modest Camisoles {or Tanks} – Now here’s the thing. I know I need a few of these but I have such trouble finding maternity camis and tanks that I don’t have to pin up as certain areas of my figure increase in size {ahem}. It’s good to have long ones to completely cover your stomach throughout your pregnancy, and long shirts are in style now so the length is pretty easy to find. If anyone has a suggestion about where to find a modest camisole that is also long, please leave your tips in the comments! :)

Maternity Leggings – regular ones just won’t cut it, unless they are super loose or you barely show until your 7th month (which is true for some women, just not me!). They are great for laying under one of your non-maternity empire waist dresses! I have a pair of full-panel leggings from Old Navy and I love them. I bought them over 2 years ago for my last pregnancy so I can’t attest to whether the current style is thick enough or not, but mine provided plenty of coverage.


A Comfortable, Everyday Dress – The non-maternity empire waist dresses work really well until you get into your third trimester and then they sometimes start looking a little short in the front and long in the back because of your growing belly. For trimesters two and three, I am looking forward to finding a comfortable cotton dress I can wear and pair with lots of things: a cardigan if it’s cool, a cute, loose belt {above the tummy} or leggings.

I adore Reese Witherspoon’s sense of maternity fashion, stylish yet comfy, and we apparently have the same body type, so I’m looking for something like this the picture below, and I’ve found cute and more affordable options at Motherhood Maternity and Old Navy, some that look surprisingly modest.
Reese Witherspoon Maternity Rosie Pope Dress

A Pretty Necklace {or a lightweight scarf}– If you’re feeling a little frumpy when you’re pregnant, especially in the last months, pairing a pretty necklace with a simple shirt and pair of capris or a skirt {don’t forget some cute flats!} can help you feel that glow! I love the pretty spring colors in this outfit, especially the bold yellow neckwear, although I probably wouldn’t dare wear those pants!

la vie petite. - it can be done, style and pregnancy!
Are there any maternity items that are on your must have list? 


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  1. Those are definitely a must have for every pregnant woman. I have a couple of camisoles, maternity leggings and a few maternity dresses to wear on special occasions. I found great deals on some local stores nearby and on the internet as well.


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