Will was playing with his cars yesterday and showed me where his imaginary house was located. Then he proceeded to tell me that the long line of cars leading up his “driveway” was coming to visit him when he had a baby. I told him, “You know boys can’t have babies, right?” He sort-of smiled and said, “Yeah, so they’re coming to the house for when my mom has a baby. You.” Then this morning he asked me if I wanted another baby. Is somebody dropping us a hint??? :) I know kids don’t understand the intricacies of things like babies and jobs and why rhubarb leaves are poisonous. We’re hoping it will happen sometime soon, so it will be fun to see what Will thinks of a new baby in the family now that he’s older.
In other news, Leah is our little monkey. Recently she has found great fun in climbing into her high chair from the floor and sitting in it saying “eat!” (even when it is not dinnertime). Another one of her talents is crawling up onto the booster seat that sits at the kitchen table and then launching herself onto the back of the couch, rolling down the cushions and then onto the floor, giggling all the way. I’m guessing the crib is next. Yikes.

 Leah on her trike (she refuses to use the pedals, preferring to scoot around with her feet).

Will on his new bike–he asks to go for a “walk” every day!


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  1. Rhubarb leaves are poisonous whaaaaa!?? How did I not know this when we grow that in our garden!? Thanks for the heads up!

    Anyway I just wanted to respond to you without taking over MSM’s blog – thank you so much for bookmarking! I appreciate you checking me out and taking the time to say something :)

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